Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keirin at Mile Night!

Four women jump from a standing start.

Tuesday evening at the Track
the kids of b.i.k.e. welcomed  
The Bend Endurance Academy
Mile Night.

Led by Bill Wharburton, his merry band of racers drove all the way from Bend and were still game for a new discipline.

Cameron Beard, is a fast kid!

Rick Potestio's nephew, Santo Mallon.
Earlier in the day,
BEA kids were given a proper introduction to racing on the Alpenrose Velodrome by OBRA's Meg Mautner, and National Medalist Zac Kovalcik.
Then after some lunch and fun times around the Alpenrose campus, Bend Endurance Academy got their cycling clothes on and got ready to race Scratch and Keirin Races at Mile Night.
Tim Bergman rides as the dearney at the front of the Keirin practice race.
Maya explains the Olympic Sprint.

 Kids teach kids 
  how to 
 race the races.

All of this made possible by OBRA, PVC, and Alpenrose Dairy.
On the wheel of the AVC!

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