Monday, July 30, 2012

NW Juniors' Elite!

Kent finished 3rd in the TT, 1st in the Crit, and 2nd in the RR.
Word-RCB, by Cyclisme Juniors rode with the best this weekend in a Stage Race put on by Olympia's RAD Racing, and Rapha Clothing Company.
Champagne flying, Kent stood on the Podium with the Junior Elite.
Word-RCB rode strong in support of Kent's lead.
Our racers all improved as Stage Racers, and Kent took Second on the overall General Classification. All of our guys rode strong, and provided a respected presence for Cyclisme. 
Classy Grant McElroy stopped by to congratulate us.
Dey Shaun and Noah were in their first Stage Race of their cycling careers, and both finished - a feat in itself!

Despite a recent family vacation on the East Coast with no cycling, Keegan rode back into form quick, and on the last stage finished with the break.

RAD RACING Founder and RAPHA promoters gave thumbs up for Cyclisme.
Kent, who DNF'd his first stage race finished this one with accolades and the biggest take home prize bag and purse of his career. Winning wheels and hundreds of dollars, Kent very benevolently gave each of his team mates cash for their support. The high point of which was an all team blaze into a feed zone protecting Kent from the front.

Race promoters, racers, coaches and fans all were impressed by what they saw from our black and white jersey. The word "Cyclisme" was on the tip of everyone in the parking lot's toungue, even if the it was mis-pronounced.

Amongst such and Elite field, it was a real honor just to be a part of the action.

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