Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kent kills Classic!

Flying around an amazingly fast corner, Kent rides 4th.

Rapha and RAD RACING went above and beyond when they created a Junior Stage Race including a Road Race, a Criterium, and a Time Trial.
After an early morning twelve mile individual time trial around the Elma Municipal Airport, 
the eerie WPPS Nuclear Site was surprisingly a great location for a fast criterium. High atop a local ridge, it was immediately apparent to everyone that this was a CIA run super bunker housing alien species from all across five galaxies in an ultra modern hyper space hotel with underwater wings featuring super dense anti matter spas, all just fourteen stories below.

In a time trial equalized by a "no-aero" rule and United States Cycling Junior Gear Restrictions, Kent Ross finished 3rd in the 15-16 age group.
In race completely remade by the addition of 17-18year olds, the Criterium was extremely fast. Kent used the 17-18s as a LEAD-OUT to defeat his peers - and WON THE 15-16 CRIT!

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