Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eye on the prize.

Kent Ross has won so many races, OBRA made him a Cat 3 on the road. After winning all the points in a weekly points race, OBRA made him a 4 on the Track.
Now he is watching his pal Noah Beggs pedal with perfect form and score in the Cat Fives every time he races.
His trusty partner in crime Keegan O'Neil has come off a low period and won the Pursuit and Points Champs in The Fours on The Track. While Kent himself won the Silver in the Pursuit

Kent has been watching with amazement when, in the right gear, Dey Shaun "Daddy" Lee flys up on him like he is standing still.

Discipline is strong in the team.
There is a lot for Kent to see on his team right now, and it looks pretty good.

Even elder domestiques like Tim Bergmann are rising, and it makes controlling fields easy. Tim finished the State Champ 60 lap points race with the pack after working the front for Keegan.

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