Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ben Waters boil in 2015!

Ben Waters is just getting started.
Sprint savant, Ben Waters  
won the OBRA Cat 4 Track BAR 2015. (see
Jaden Salama finished Second in Junior BAR! (see)

Ben Waters and Jaden Salama.
For a few Thursday summer nights at Alpenrose, and summer Saturdays too, combined with Junior, Jaden Salama, Ben Waters was a lurking terror of the Cat 3/4/5 packs.
Eventually the dynamic duo's alternated attack fusion of off the front power, was slashed by OBRA when they "Catted up" to the next pack up "Cat 3," just Ben Waters.
Ben Waters leads out and wins another point!
A natural sprinter who loves to wait.

The combination was split up and all Alpenrose Velodrome Category 4 Men's
Salama, Waters, and Bergmann approach Olympic Sprint.
were dismayed.

Nobody deserved Cat-up more!
Waters immediately began to instigate attack after attack before the best of the next pack up. He even attacked for the finish line, and won! It was a sight to see.

He began to win in the Match Sprint on Friday Nights! In the July Series Ben Waters finished an amazing 6th overall.
His pure sprinting style was complemented by his Kilo and 4k form.

Salama was left alone with the 4s.
In the State Champ Kilo for Cat 4s, Cyclisme finished Silver and Bronse with almost identical times.
2 5561 Jaden Salama Word-RCB by Cyclisme 01:22.57
3 5456 Ben Waters Word-RCB by Cyclisme 01:22.68

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