Friday, October 02, 2015

Sunday, see God.

See Ben win the sprint.
your work 
will be 
2 Chronicles 15:7

Fergus, Mickey and Ben meet at RCB.

Of course, intensity  
Early appeal for Justice.
this big might just help you meet your maker prematurely.

Steep climbing to Fairmont Loop made Sunday a soul burner of Biblical proportions. 

Willy anaerobic.

Meeting at River City Bicycles at Noon, Mickey led the climb up the team's traditional, "Paris Robaix," but Ben retained the sprint sign on Fairmont. A week later it was Tony Escobar.

Boys sit out a lap

Justice "Jetty" Spears made an early appeal for preeminence when the climb was still on Montgomery, but had to run with his bike when the slope hit SW Upper.

Fun on Fairmont Loop.
First lap around Fairmont was spent teaching Jetty the pace line, 

Ben and Fergus gave a more advanced lesson on the second lap.

Ben is taking the team in hand, and shaping a racing machine. 

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