Monday, October 19, 2015

Cross-WORD Cross!

2009 Masters Track Champ

Every year for five years running!

Since 2011, Cyclisme road/criterium star,
Master's Track Champ,
and team sponsor,
Randy Word,
has promoted a cyclocross race at Pat's Acres in Canby, Oregon.

It's called The Cross-Word CX Challenge.
(see flyer here)
(see results here)
Check out Yung Pine Blog on "Canby Crossword" (here)

Randy started racing in the 1980s with the Raindance Velo team, and traveled with Brad Gebhard, and Mike Shepard.
Though Road racing might be what Randy is best known for, Randy is also an aficionado of many disciplines of racing.
Randy's knee at PIR.

In fact, he races motorcycles and karts too. On his motorcycle in 1999 Randy Won the Open Supersport Expert class. That's 170mph dragging your knee on the ground.

Thus the connection with Pat's Acres, a local kart racing venue. Randy met Chris Egger, the owner, in 2007, when Randy's son Ethan took up kart racing.

Cross Word is an especially fun family event that features guest appearances at the kiddies race by Darth Vader and Spider Man.

Spider man and his spider fans throw webbing, at ya!
Randy Word came to Cyclsme Racing programs back in 1996 following years of training with Oregon Stars,
Danny Knudsen and David Auker.

Two venerable Cyclisme Lore mercenaries.

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