Monday, May 25, 2009

Deardorf and the Lore of Cyclisme!

Match Sprinter,

Keirin Champ,



Long has One been a pillar of strength in the development of Teams at Cyclisme Racing Programs, and whether  we remember his class on training rides, or his speed at the finish, Chris Deardorf always leaves people with an impression of class on the bicycle.

In the black Hincapie jersey he was the guy who never forgot to bring fruit on the team's training rides. He raced more road races then, but found his specialty in the sprinter's world of the velodrome.

Once a shot-putter, strength and power have again blazed his path. Now he races almost exclusively on the velodrome walls, and is a bastion of information and good coaching advice to all of us.

On the Infield, Chris's attentive father supports this already strong pillar of Benevolence, and Good Form.

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Jake said...

It was awesome having you out there to share your knowledge of the velodrome with us. Thanks Chris!