Monday, May 25, 2009

Growing a Racer!

Fergus and the Crow.

Fergus Kinnel has grown a lot 
hanging out in the 
Cyclisme circle of development. 

He has practiced the way of a good mentor with the Kids of b.i.k.e., and in the process developed his own skills on a bike. As his forte is the mountain trail, he led young Naiqwan "Angel" Pellmen to glorify the Junior ranks of Oregon's dirtier peloton.

Meanwhile Fergus gets a lot from the rollers, the bowl of the velodrome with coaching, and long rides with fast race hardened vets like his Team Captain, Randy Word.

Sunset track practice on Saturday, and a morning Multnomah Falls with Bedford and Word on Sunday made for a "developmental" weekend.  Getting forced out of habits and tendencies is what happens in the Cyclisme Racing Program, and is not easy to endure.

Fergus had to be brave when he was flying around the wall with some of Cyclisme's fastest guys in his first paceline ever on the track. But starkly clad in the famous  garb from the late nineties of one of Oregon's great's Jon Leonard, Fergus's mojo bodes well for his career.

Consider further that the black crow in the back ground of this video "Fergus on the Rollers" would soon fly off with Fergus's car keys. but Fergus would jump off the bike and run, only to get the keys back after distracting the playfully troublesome bird.

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