Thursday, May 07, 2009

Word Learns to Lead

A Team. 

of horses traditionally line up in two columns 
and work together to create "horsepower," 
but taking a team in hand has traditionally 
been the work of great men.

Already a fine star and crit rider in his own rite 
Randy Word now finds himself in a place in his 
career where it is time to be "Patrone." 
Cyclisme is the perfect kind of team for this 
because the hierarchy of the lead-out is structured and strong.

Junior phenom DeShaun Lee is making his Debut, while big Stephen Bedford powers up, Hilderbrandt and Gomez-Meade prepare to serve, while Jake's back flattens, and heir apparent Alex Lightman continues to look very comfortable in the paceline.

Watch and listen to learn how Randy runs the Cyclisme 

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