Monday, May 04, 2009

Mudslinger Race Report - FK

After an early, early morning departure Naiqwan, Will, Greg and I,
drove through heavy rain to Blodgett.

The starting route was different from the previous year's but there
were some familiar sections. I raced single speed and was immediately
off the back. I didn't have the intensity of race mode and told
myself I was pacing myself. The downhills were very slippery and
nerve wracking, and thus not restful. There were many sections of
gradual downhills were I wished I had had a geared bike.
About halfway through the race (24 miles total) I picked up a bit of
steam and was able to pass some geared bikes which had passed me
earlier. And I started relaxing on the luge like downhills, which
made them much faster, and much more fun. I finished feeling strong
but mostly spent. I crashed only twice at the same section of the
single track. Both mild crashes and I'll take that any day.

Naiqwan came in fourth again. He rode some very sketchy sections and
had a good race. He also picked up some nice shades in the raffle.

Will and Greg also had good rides but I'll leave those stories up to
them. I enjoyed the company of our van load of guys. It was much fun!



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GenghisKhan said...

Random guy here saying congrats--must've been fun lappin' the guys with the gears!