Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally! Track Practice!

After weeks of the 
Cyclisme time slot 
reserved for 
practice on the 
Alpenrose Velodrome 
being canceled due to rain, 
we finally got to have a track practice.

Beautiful and breezy, 
temperature in the mid 
seventies made for a 
perfect day out at the track.

A big contingent of men and juniors 
made for three big groupings of ability. 
Thanks to three great coaches 
everyone received some quality instruction. 

Steve Garcia of OBRA, 
Bike Central, 
and my old friend, 
added great color and sound 
as he kicked off the practice by 
blowing his whistle and making 
sure we were all safe and paying 
attention to the rules of the track. 

Then a guy who started out as a bike messenger riding for a team called Cyclisme based out of a shop called Bike Central, but today is considered one of the best racers on the best track team in Oregon, Tony Kic gave us our briefing on velodrome pacelines. 

Of course our own favorite track Captain resplendent in a state champ jersey he won racing the Keirin took on the challenge of teaching the beginners' pack how to negotiate the steep banks of one of America's steepest velodromes.

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