Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dynamic Duo!








that flashed

in the minds 
a lively crowd 
as they
watched our 
pugnacious pair perpetrate 
rapacious "bunch-slap" 
of a few boys who certainly must 
now fall back onto a life of sorrowful introspection or worse... 

So disruptive and disturbing 
was the intensity of the "Bazooka"  
Cyclisme threw down 
at the start, 
that many were forced to hide their eyes or gnash their teeth.

At the whistle ending the neutral lap Jake launched on Glen's Mercier over the top of the first Alpenrose sign and down the back straight, Bedford on his wheel. Jake arrived at the 3rd corner, exchanged the lead, then fell back to block. 

The pack fell for it for a lap. 
Then when the guys from U of O tried to get things going a new direction, 
Jake gave them an education.

No one could get away from him, and if they went up track to exchange, so did Jake. 
If they got on his wheel he went slow. 
If they jumped fast, Jake matched them, forcing them to stay high while going fast.(very tiring)

If they slowly tried to set up high, Jake joined them up there.

Time and time again Jake Hanson found ways to discourage the pursuit of Bedford's lone breakaway.
Bedford just kept hammering, off the front. 

"Sometime I felt like I was going so slow, but I would look back and they were still a half lap back," said Bedford.

It was Jake's blocking combined with Bedford's speed that allowed Bedford to lap not just the Category 5's, but after Candy Murray catted them up, THEY DID IT AGAIN IN THE FOURS!!!

Bedford took the wins with elegant calm, but the crowd favorite was Jake Hanson.

As Bedford made his boldly singular quest to lap the field, Hanson was all over the track like a quarrelsome Blue-Jay protecting a nest.

Ironically, he was better at it in the second race with Fours than he was in the Fives race before, and he shut them down in that.

"I am quite impressed with these new young riders from Word-RCB today!" blared Luciano Bailey's voice over the velo-com.


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Great Job guys!

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