Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jake Bronzes Tabor!

Volcano Erupts!

Racing in his first year as a Category 3 racer, Jake Hanson charged to the podium and finished 3rd on Stumptown's hardest crit.

Jumping early, he worked with old training partners from RCB and PSU to deconstruct the peloton.

Following his broken collar bone earlier in the season, Hanson was a little bit frustrated with his results and was getting ancy. While he has had some success this year, for him, Tabor was a much more important goal. 

"I have had some success this year, but for me Tabor was much more important goal," said Jake.

Jake credits his team for his success in his recent treatise on winning at Mt Tabor: "Lava Love x 3."

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