Monday, June 01, 2009

PIR Short Track MTB Practice

Short track at PIR starts soon. I have 3 bikes in my basement available for Juniors. We should practice out at the I205 Greenspace area adjacent to the 205 bike path, North of Gateway, across from Rocky Butte (get the picture...)

What times work for you all? Friday evenings? Sunday Mornings? We need Naiqwan, DeyShaun and Marquel, along with coaches/instructors. We can set up a small course to practice skills and hot laps that will simulate the ST events at PIR.

Let me know what dates/times and how you can help. The boys will need help getting out there and back home. I can drive there with all the bikes and some food/drink.

Please reply here or to the Cyclisme list. Thanks!



Velomann said...

I'm in. Petty flexible about times since I'll be out of school soon and this is really close to my house. Just let me know.


Greg said...

Thanks Mike! I'll get a schedule together and keep you all updated.

Anonymous said...

close to my house too...Friday afternoon/evening would be best for me