Monday, June 01, 2009

Friday Night Track

Friday night means racing for the velo friendly Fives and those qualified to Match Sprint.

Friday is the night that features the big-time
recovery demanding "Match Sprint."

Deardorf is the only Cyclisme racer qualified for the latter. 
Cyclisme Lore's Nissy Cobb is also qualified and goes head to head with men and beats them. 

Respendent in a skinsuit she got back when she trained with the Kids of b.i.k.e., Ms. Cobb also brought in her entourage, the famous mentor and Sister in the Lore, Jen Brinkman, along with Jen's roommate Rose.

These women have Nissy's back and were a big help to Nissy on this night. Ms. Brinkman, a professional photographer helped Cyclisme by taking my rickety point and shoot camera out of my hands and made the better pictures in this spread appear.

Meanwhile Jen's "roomy," Rose who attends PSU, set about the work of accomplishing an ethnography for class about the world of bicycle racing.

She was blessed with a lot of subject matter too, as she interviewed the whole team including Cameron Duff who won his first track event ever, an Alpenrose Mile, one of the races within the whole omnium that night

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