Monday, June 11, 2012

Forest, Food, and Friends = Fabulous!

A natural outdoorsman, Noah Beggs vocalized the feeding call of the Cascadian Red Bellied Warbler in perfect pitch. The forest became warily silent upon his dispatch.
Being so close to nature made everyone hungry.

Mike Girard made a high gruppeto in the crazy-competitive Category 3s, and was our guardian angel throughout the weekend.
Catherine Cooper was cheering for Bedford and remembering the Cyclisme Jersey that hangs today in River City Bicycles.
See Catherine in action (here)
Brother in The Lore from PSU/Casmano days, and a founding father of the Cross Crusade, Russ Humberston Jr. was resplendent in a wool River City Bicycles jersey as he completed the Tour de Hood cycle tour that went along with the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.

Tracy was 100% at all times! The best helper ever.

The winner of the Cat 1/2 event  tried to get a congratulatory kiss from Ruth, but she couldn't reach.

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