Saturday, June 09, 2012

Rest before the Crit

New digs by the river when we moved to Hood River from the Dalles after the Time Trial, the modern Best Western was a fitting back drop to our unfolding drama.
So tired they fell asleep in the car following their half hour ordeal in the wind.
We requested a late check out from the Country Cousins who were cool giving our guys more time to sleep.

While the child racers slept, their diligent support team packed the cars. And when after the short drive they arrived, the kids swam in the pool and farted around in the jacuzzi, while the support crew cooked a cornucopia of calories. 

Swimming, yoga, lazing and grazing, and there was more time than patience.

Bone deep fatigued for the first time in their young lives, they were nabobs of negativism. Having yet to have won anything in this overwhelmingly big event, they were concerned about all sorts of contingencies - real or imagined. Finally let free, they pedaled the mile and a half to the Downtown Hood River Criterium Start Line in record time.

Resting in the modern digs we practiced good form with an intensity only found on race day. We also took the time for just a moment to look out and maybe see the place we had come to. This beautiful place so different from home.

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