Monday, June 11, 2012

MR. LUCKY strikes again!

Charm and charisma win Keegan friends and support out in the racing community.
Upon our arrival in downtown Hood River bastion of kindness, experience, and support for the Kids of b.i.k.e. Hugh Givens (Promoter of the Piece of Cake RR Keegan won) offered some pre-race encouragement to chase away the butterflies (of which their were many) before the super technical Hood River Crit.

SRAM neutral support at raceside is impressive. Keegan, impressed, set forth to relate.

Chad Contrarous of SRAM loaned Keegan a brand new rear cogset that had an easier gear, allowing Keegan to sail through the grueling 55mile road race the next day.
Keegan explained precisley what the short comings of his current ride were, 

and how they were impeding his potential.

Keegan got his bike in the stand. It was time for a drink.

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