Saturday, June 09, 2012

Stage Two - TIME TRIAL!

Called the race of truth by many, especially those who own funny bikes, even funnier helmets, and consider back pain a turn-on. Otherwise Time Trialling is weird, and foreign to the form we practice on all year.

Ahhh, there is what's missing from the Cyclisme training regime eh?

But that does not slow our impetus. Not with the beautiful support staff we have assembled. Ruth, Tracy, and Noah are so over qualified they were lucky to get the job.

And Keegan and Kent are so gracious and easy to work with, anyone would find the work a snap.

Our racers want for nothing.

After berries, juice, oatmeal, toast and eggs for them, I made our little support crew and some of our hotel neighbors bacon potatoes, and eggs.

Wind is howling. It's blowing so hard on The Dalles, one wonders how the racers will even stay upright on this point to point course from The Oregon Discovery Center in the Dalles to Koberg State Park in Hood River.

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