Monday, August 10, 2009


Many don't know this but his first name is Stephen.

He just showed up one day when Alex found him 
on the PSU campus. Next thing you know he was on a real team's ride.

"This is what I wanted, a real team, "said Bedford 
back in the day.

When "Rocky Rabbit" was in full swing, he was the Eveready Rabbit" beating the drum of  "more, more, more!"

Randy Word set the standard and guys like Bedford were quick to follow.

Longer rides with Alex, and Randy gave forboding of the ascent to Cat 3, but certainly it was the Cat 4 Track World that revealed the team work possable between he and Jake.

They lapped four fields in four different races out at the track.

Now a little slimmer and sleaker, the CAt 5 is now a 3, and he has a role on a team. 


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