Monday, August 03, 2009

Individual Time Trial?


the Europeans 
call this 
simple event.

If they are right, 
then I now 
better understand 
why some humans choose
to be delusional, live a lie, etc. because riding alone, hunched deep down over a set of aero bars, sucks, plain and simple. Who want's the truth?

It is hard on you. 
It hurts, 
and it feels demoralizing while it is happening. 
Especially when
one of the many TT specialists out there in the Oregon Territory 
comes flying by you on one of their $5,000 ($10,000) super aero bikes.

who led the way for Cyclisme with our fastest time. This event was especially popular amongst the elder set of the Oregon Peloton. The Masters divisions were huge.

When arguments like, "it's good for you to ride alone" are all we had to motivate us,  maybe some wondered on this trip "what are we doing?" 

But soon, it all became apparent when  Naiqwan won his silver medal. 
He was so happy about that medal, he beamed a smile from ear to ear. 
This is what Cyclisme and b.i.k.e. are all about.

But meanwhile, adding to the suffering, perhaps in my own delusional state, maybe exacerbated by the uncertainty driving down I-5 wondering if we were even going to get scored BAR points signing up "day of", I ran out of gas AGAIN, after the race, on the way to grandma's house.

So embarrassing for me, Randy and Malachi saved the day. With Randy driving off to Corvallis and Mr. Byrd hitting up the local farmers for some Good Samaritism we had plenty of petrol in no time. Wheew!

All's well that ends well.


XMpluFi said...

I think using a fixie wasn't the brightest idea. It was a fun experiment, but next year I'm using gears.

Great job Naiqwan!

I think everyone rode really well against all that fancy expensive equipment out there. Add up the cost of all those bikes out there and we could pay off a house or two.


vanstand said...

RANDY the fixie was a good idea because it was as light as any of those expensive TT bikes and it carried your momentum when other times a mis shift, mis calculation, or lack of motivation might of slowed you.

But most importantly it didn't hurt your recovering back.

So six of one, half dozen of another, it made you fast enough to beat the cat 4 state champ in the Pursuit - and the rest of his team.

vanstand said...

PLUS - Cyclisme is famous for legspeed and pacelines.
You would have been DQ'd for the latter, but you sure did the former! I am proud you got stuck out there spun out for 40K.

It was a coaching achievement for me.