Sunday, August 23, 2009

Savior of the Tired




At the Team Beer Track Race, 
we found ourselves 
short of 
food and water.

Quickly, I prayed for a solution, then suddenly above 
the din and confusion of the crowd, her striped headband appeared on the
horizon like a golden halo. 

Our friend  from Mt. Scott Community Center Pool, Ms. 

"MAY - GANNNN!!!" I yelled to the terror of Bike Central racers pompously posed on their perfect posteriors.

She heard the call for help, turned to rescue, and I sent Jake to guide her down to the infield.

When racers racing were just starting to feel hungry and tired, one made a difference.
Right at that critical moment of realization, she arrived, got it all figured out, and raced to Albertson's to buy hummus, bread, and water.

While I can't expect people to idolize the words and ways of fat cigar smokers, let me recall the words of 
Winston Churchill when he wrote:
"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat"

And isn't that all we ask of any of you?
A little support can make all the difference sometimes.

Cyclisme racers who have been doing the Team work-out remember our friend  from Mt. Scott Community Center Pool. 

Now our whole track team will remember the day 
Meghan Moore
saved the day.

Her head on a swivel from jump street, one could tell this hard-core bike commuter could easily catch THE BUG.

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meghan said...

ah shucks, just a little food run! no need to idol-eyes me! me and winston had a great time and he's nudging me to try out that track. we'll see. thanks for the props.