Monday, August 24, 2009

Flipping for Team-rides

back in my schedule reminded me how much I like to be a Directeur Sportif.

From the breakfast gathering before, to seeing Half Fast in the Hood, to the kid  inserted into the adult paceline, to the flippin yoga!

I love it!!

I love the tempo and the camaraderie. It's a relevant adventure, as opposed to the much bigger and mandatory adrenalin jump of racing.

I felt like we did some good Sunday. 
I sure enjoyed being out in Troutdale, seeing the Sandy, and hearing Ethan Word whoop it up.

It was goooooood!


XMpluFi said...

Thanks to everyone for making the ride an awesome experience for Ethan. I'm always impressed at how well the team does with Junior's on team rides.

Greg said...

You should see us when there is a woman or women on the ride. I remember last year when Fergus' friend Sage Fuller, of Sorella Forte joined us for a ride or two. You never saw our pacelines so tight, everybody with elbows bent and backs flat. It's funny.

That said, I'm glad Ethan had a good time, I sure did.