Monday, August 24, 2009

Thanks, from the President's Corner

This year has been a tremendous success already for the adult and junior Cyclisme racing programs. After you read this post, scroll down as JB has been adding a lot of content lately.

Our program is greatly benefited by some people who work largely behind the scenes, or are simply time crunched and we don't see them at a lot of training rides or races. Fergus Kinnell and Csaba Kormendy in particular have been a huge help with the financial and equipment side of the program this year. They have donated and loaned bikes and equipment, transported bikes and racers, and have worked hard to secure equipment donations from others to both the junior and adult race programs. Next time you see them, say "thanks".

Now, on to the next part of the season. Some will ease into rest and recovery come Fall, while others are ramping up intensity and technical skills training for cyclocross. Sunday Team cyclocross rides will start soon. 2-3 hours on gravel/dirt in Forest Park helps with basic loose ground cornering and riding, with good spots for interval training. Weeknight/evening skills rides at local parks will help with the dismounts, remounts, barriers, and running aspects of the discipline. I'll post a schedule here on the blog and also on the listserv.



vanstand said...

here here!

Anonymous said...

I second the notion! Thanks to this team I am finally riding and racing bikes like I have wanted to. The help and support from the team is the only way we succeed! Bobby

Jake Hansen said...

Lets not forget to thank Greg for all the hard work he has done for all of us this year as well!

While we are all mentors to the children, the adults on the team have really been wonderful mentors to me and taught me a lot about how to carry myself on and off the bike.