Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Il Professore!

Alex Lightman
is considered by teammates "the Professor" because of his savvy in the pack.

He never has problems moving 
up through the flying peloton.

He can even bamboozel them into thinking they are going up hill. He knows how to make them slow down, and stop chasing teammates who are breaking away, like he did in the Courthouse Crit for Stephen Bedford.

Alex studies Architecture at PSU and is wowing  all his instructors  with his work.
With the kids of b.i.k.e. he takes the time
to discuss
the importance 
of good design.

Always one to implement a plan and to simplify in order to understand the complex, Alex has been instrumental in leading our Team to the next level.

One of the original "Fixies" who trained in the night practices on the "Ghetto Drome" at PSU, he is now one of our top ranked men.

Always selfless and instinctual, he has done more than his share of work for his teammates. His sprint is fast enough to catch our master speed man Chris Deardorf off guard, so don't be surprised if we are leading Alex out for his first State Champ jersey very soon.

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