Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Atomic Hot Dinner

Garden Dinner Party!

In an experimental mode, this send off event 
began a whole new era in the Lore.
Like the cookies last winter, FOOD once again stole the show.

Cyclists and their friends like food.

Despite record heat, this garden dinner enjoyed a nearbye sprinkler and kiddie pool with little flower-candles floating on a two-by-four.

Now that
the Staff 
at The Ranch 
getting the hang of it, 
they want to have 

a play date Family affair 

of the most 
Deysh Kormendy small, 
to Danny O'Brien medium, 
to Elliot Word big, 
to The Juniors bored, 
kind of  Brentwood Park 
brunch time 
exercise in fun. 

A little different than this hot summer suarez.

Rather, the next big Atomic Ranch Summertime event will be a social celebration of the little and the young and the families they are attached to. 

Food on one side of the fence 
a jungle-gym extravaganza on the other. 

Some bmx bikes will be provided.

Let's do it soon!

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Greg said...

Danny and I are in. When?