Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

"The days
a blur when 
you race
three days 
in a row." 

By Jake Hansen

Friday night was the Twilight Crit, Saturday morning the Team events at Alpenrose Velodrome then Sunday in Gresham, for the Gresham Crit.

So, this is what Aubrey Edwards, Cameron Duff, Bobby Dixon, Naiqwan Pelman, Randy Word, Stephen Bedford, Alex Lightman and myself did this weekend. 

Friday night was our first time racing in the North Park Blocks in what felt like a European Kermesse. The pace was hot the entire race and just getting to the front of the pack took a monsterous effort.

Saturday morning was a great opportunity to work together in both the Team Pursuits and the Olympic Sprints. I need to start paying attention to the gearing on the track bikes I rent. After we honorably represented the lore of Cyclisme in the State Champs, Bedford and I jumped into the 1/2/3 Points Race. 

I was amazed that even Pro's wanted me to pull through and chase Bedford. I loved going up track to their consternation. They would scream at me, "Come on MAN!" I just looked into their eyes and smiled. 

Sunday I had to paint walls at the Northwest Children's Theater, but Word, et. al., handled our Cyclisme business. With Bedford off the front early and Alex & Randy blocking it up. WOW. In the end Alex led Randy out for essentially the win but Trevor Spahr got a tires length ahead of him at the line. Thats still a win in my book! 

The teamwork is what we are truly proud of. Alex Lightman is the glue with his genius in pushing people around. Alex can get the pack to do anything, it seems to me. When you are off the front, there is no one better. 

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