Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Team Revealed!

Borne from the organic development in the Pursuit of Glory Track Class.

Old Lore names are bringing their kids around to learn track racing now.

Seasoned veterans of the OBRA peloton are joining our ranks.

Juniors once small are getting big and fast, and skillful!

Pacelines, starts, exchanges, attacks, the list goes on.

The velodrome is a college of bike racing finishes, and more people are showing up for class.

The Cyclisme version offers childcare with Uncle Dave(Lanner's in-law who also rides his bike) and yoga taught by a few skilled practitioners, including Naiqwan, Catherine and Jake.

Brent Casaday found an able partner for the Bazooka in Naiqwan.

Lanner's leadership allowed Dave to dive into a diversion of divine delirium.

Benevolence, Good Form, Simplicity and Team.

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