Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cooper Silver!

Catherine Cooper
raced four events at the
Oregon State Track Championships
Alpenrose Velodrome
and won a Silver Medal!

Simply Cyclisme
Coaching yoga, feeding everyone, preparing herself to race,
and racing well, Catherine brought concentration and focus to the Cyclisme infield tent.

Good Form
Racing women
in the Category 4 division with teammates including Mielle Blomberg, Catherine "Hana" Cooper participated in the 500m Individual Time Trial, the Match Sprints, and the 3k Pursuits, winning Silver in the Pursuits.

Her devotion to the big track weekend payed off as the team scored more Championship double-points than some small countries.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Catherine! Also I would like to say "Thanks" for the pictures of my awesome grandson.
That is the only way I get to see him race. I greatly appreciate the wonderful pictures you take. Congrats again on the medal.

Catherine said...

Thank you, Margaret!