Monday, July 26, 2010

Ryan Belew comes back to Alpenrose!

A veritable force for good, Ryan Belew enjoys teaching Pursuit to children in the sun.

Kind hearted and endlessly patient,
Mr. Belew is passionate about track racing.

Though an endurance event specialist by training, Ryan had an easy time Match Sprinting against Jake Hansen, winning every time.

Ryan taught us all when Pursuiting, to not worry about the pain, but instead worry about our position on the track, i.e. "Uptrack" and "Downtrack." His advice is to stick the black line or BELOW it when you are pursuing glory.

Don't worry about how you feel, but ride the track better. Use the truly shortest line around the track, and save tons!

Ask Will Cortez, a school teacher himself, who blatantly learned the Ryan's lesson fastest and most completely, improving his Pursuit form and tempo 100% by simply paying attention to staying on or below the black line for the WHOLE LAP.

Working for their first time as a Team Pursuit Squad, our young Junior women and captain Catherine Cooper worked together well as Ryan helped them make exchanges more efficient by going straight up the wall and straight back down quickly.

Easily identifying ideal saddle height in his students, he was quick to help them adjust.

Then after riding out examples of all his lessons, he was game for some Cyclisme yoga.

Flying out the next day, we were honored to put him up at the Atomic Ranch and turn him on to our meals made with fresh garden greens.

Children and beginners as well as Elite Stars will miss Ryan Belew here in Oregon, while I am sure everyone back in Colorado Springs will be happy to see him home.

Thanks Mr. Belew!

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Anonymous said...

Ryan ROCKS! Cannot believe you let him slip through the cracks. Clearly, you need to work on your powers of persuasion... Might want to check in with him...