Monday, July 26, 2010

Mercenaries of Marymoor!

Introduced by a chance "pick-up" race at Alpenrose
these two unlikely soldiers of the "Pursuit" were fast friends and even faster foes to all the big-time racers who set off with them Friday Night at Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond Washington.

Over $15,000 dollars was on the line for the FSA weekend and these two used a Bazooka to grab part of it. Belew did some big attacking in the Points race, and Jake did some big blocking in the Scratch race later.

Here they are warming up on the star studded infield, before their gigantic launch.

Later the announcer called out "Big Ryan Belew is lapping the field, and nobody seems to want to chase!" Jake was dancing all over the track at the front of the pack behind.

Jake got off the front many times in the last event. The crowd went wild as the announcer screamed "Jake Hansen is a rock star!"

Little did they know big Ryan Belew had set him up and was getting half the prize money.

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Greg said...

Sounds exciting! Nice job!