Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bronze for an Angel!

The Sprinter has arrived!

Naiqwan "Angel" Pellman, a 14yr. old Junior, raced all the events as a Cat 5 Senior in a 3 day weekend marathon call the OBRA Senior Track Championships, and won a Bronze medal in the Match Sprints.

Showing two laps of big speed in the 3 and 3/4 laps Kilo TT, Friday night, even the announcer took notice.

But it was the full schedule of Match sprints the next day, Saturday that revealed the true Sprinter.

In one of the "3-up" sprints his team-mate Dey Shaun Lee helped keep back the opposition by not chasing his teammate, confusing the lone chaser.

Both Juniors raced in the Points race together in a field combined with the Cat 4s. While they got shelled and lapped despite the efforts of blocking ex-teammates Cameron Duff and Aubery Edwards, they were still crowd pleasers.

The significance of this day is that our Juniors our able to race and hold their own in the Adult's divisions. While Dey Shaun has been showing signs of this new status starting with his winning of a point against New Zealand pro Aaron Tuckerman in the Thursday Points race two weeks before, this Championship weekend seals the deal.


Greg said...

This is awesome! Great job!

Bobby and HaeKyung said...

Man Naiqwan way to show em what ya got! You know whats even better is that you have the biggest smile on your face as well..... None of the cyclist know how to deal with a smiling young man who is getting better every time they get on their bike! Keep up the great work and just know if you give your heart and listen to your coach, you will be one of the best out there for sure.... Roll hard my man, roll hard! Bobby Dixon-Kim