Thursday, July 08, 2010

Kisses for Grandma!

Race of Truth in Peoria!

After racing in the Individual Time Trial against the cruelty of the watch, Cyclisme racers were thrilled by the hospitality of Grandma Hansen. Jake's Grandma Margaret can really lay out a spread, and aided by Uncle Mark on the grill and "Pop" on the social repartee, the scene was a blast.

Serendipitously, Jake's Grandparents live two miles away from the finish line of the State Time Trial in Peoria, Oregon.
Little Devin Morago almost went the distance to their home by accident when he didn't notice his race had ended. We found the kid pedalling down the road after we ran to pick up a thermos of coffee from Grandma earlier in the day.

It was a great Cyclisme gathering with the Gerwings, the new women's team, and elder Master Marc Brewer, but the Juniors were just beside themselves in the environment of food, drink, and Grandmotherly care. They didn't want to leave.

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Catherine said...

That was a wonderful day. I wish we had a family in every race destination spot that would welcome us with such great generosity. Thank you Jake's family!