Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not content

with yesterday's adventure in Forest Park, today Jeff and I teamed up with former brother in the lore and mountain biking fiend Chris Sautter to hit the park again, but this time on mountain bikes. We met up at Fat Tire Farm and huffed and puffed up Holman Lane. Holman is not only steep, but fairly waterlogged in parts, which when paired with lousy mud tires (like mine) makes it quite an effort just to keep moving forward.

The asphalt of NW 53rd was a welcome change, which we rode until turning right to drop down Firelane 1.
Here are Chris and Jeff all nice and clean before riding down FL 1.

The descent was fast, fun and swoopy. The slog on Leif Erikson to Saltzman was cold, slow, muddy and slushy. Not much of the snow accumulation on Saltzman had melted since yesterday, so there was a bit of hike-a-biking going on. After reaching the top, we decided that we'd all had enough of frozen slushy mud, so we rode Skyline back towards town with the intent of heading down some legal, urban singletrack. However... a cable was down on the Radio Tower at the Barnes/Skyline intersection and Skyline and Barnes were both closed to all traffic. We tried to navigate through via the cemetery but that didn't work either, so we bombed down Burnside and turned into Washington Park to search for a trail down into town. Chris knew of one, but we couldn't find it, and after a short bushwack we gave up and took the pavement down to town.

Chris peeled off by PSU to head back up Terwilliger to home, while Jeff and I high-tailed it to home in SE, tired, cold and hungry. 29 miles, 2 hours and 45 minutes, and a whole lot of fun.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12-30-08 Ride Report

Jeff and I decided to head up to Skyline today as a scouting trip for the start of the Rocky Rabbit Sunday rides. We cruised out of town via NW Vaughn and out to Dirty 30. As we started up Saltzman we chatted with a guy headed down the hill on a cyclocross bike (with cross tires). This was at the paved part, even before the first snow covered hairpin turn. He said that he tried going up, but turned around, as just past the gate there was too much snow and it was unrideable. As he rode down towards Highway 30, Jeff and I decided that a climb up a snow filled Saltzman was just what we needed today!

The section from the gate up to Leif Erikson was about 90% rideable on our skinny road tire fitted bikes. We had to hike-a-bike a couple short portions. Towards the top of the section between Leif Erikson and Skyline though, the going got pretty tough. Traction was hard to find, and was often best while plowing through the powder instead of the narrow packed path where people had walked. There were two sets of tire tracks that went all the way to the top, so we continued on to Skyline. I'd guess we rode 75% of the upper section.

Skyline was a breeze after Saltzman. We rode out a ways past Germantown before turning around and heading home. 30 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes (you can really see the hiking part in those numbers). There is a lot of gravel near the shoulder of Skyline, but the snow/gravel really only pinched the road lane down in a couple of spots that we saw (one near Forest Heights, and another a little farther out past the cemetary. It looks good for a nice easy Sunday Rocky Rabbit adventure. I hope to see a good turn out for the ride.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Riding

On Thursday Jeff and I rode up to Mt. Tabor to meet Dave W for some snow riding. Jeff and I were on our mountain bikes, and rode slowly over to Sound Grounds to see if anyone else was joining in. After a few minutes, we proceeded to SE Salmon & Taylor up to Tabor. The snow was really tacky, so the ride up was a breeze.

We were early for our meeting time with Dave, so we rode a couple of laps on the trails and roads. The snow gave the park an entirely new feeling, and it was a blast bombing and sliding around. Soon we caught up with Dave, Sojean and Langston. While Sojean and Lansgton played with the sled, Dave, Jeff and I headed back up to the top for some more riding. We had another 3 good laps or so before we parted ways with Jeff and I riding down the steep trail with the log steps. Remarkably, we descended crash free.

On Saturday, the family and I headed down SE Pine Street to Laurelhurst Park. Danny and I rode our bikes, while Abigail and Dede walked with the snow saucers. We had a great time riding around the hills and jumps. I'm sore today, so I officially consider it a 2 hour training session.

I've had my fill of Portland snow now, and look forward to some road riding. Hopefully soon, very soon....

Monday, December 08, 2008

The weather went South when we went West, by Randy

It all started out so innocently. Mild temperatures, lots of smiles and a fun pace out Halsey. Wet roads, but only little sprinkles of rain, and a quick clip up the scenic highway with a rotating paceline of 4 (Alex, Justin, Steve & Randy). With the quick pace up the long climb the miles flew bye and before we knew it we were already at the Women's Forum. Then the high speed descent as we smoothly flew through the corners with perfect lines and complete control in the wet conditions, spinning the big ring over the rollers near the bottom of the hill as we approached the Falls, only an hour and twenty minutes had passed (23 miles).

After a short break to fill water bottles and answer questions from a bystander admiring Alex's bike, we headed back West. That's when the weather turned...into a furious beast. The rain quickly flooded the grooves in the pavement and standing water was generously flowing off our tires and directly onto our legs & feet. The wind made sure to blow steadily into our faces and force water into every opening in our raincoats and thoroughly soak every square inch. The cold temperatures, the rain soaked clothes, and the wind chill made the ride back feel, oh...about the same as standing naked under Multnomah Falls in December (not that I would know what that feels like). Riding up the hill to Crown Point we rode a varied pace and practiced brutally ferocious (but short) attacks followed by a slower pace and a quick regrouping of the forces. Only a couple of cars passed us on the way up - one rolled it's window down and said "Good Job", while another didn't dare brave the weather and just gave us a thumbs up from behind the window with the heater running full blast. The rest of the ride in was cold, and then colder, and then a whole lot colder, but we left the regular course and sought out a couple more hills to keep us warm...wouldn't want anything less then epic eh!

Through it all we stuck together because we know that misery loves company, but we figured it was good preparation for a our team training camp with the Navy SEALS. So there you have it, just another average training day in Oregon for the Fast & Furious of Cyclisme. :-)

Here's the stats:
Distance: 74.75 kilometers (46.45 miles)
Time: 2hrs 49min (In Europe that would be 2hrs 49min no matter if you rode kilometers or miles ;-))
Max Speed: 66.4 kph (41.3 mph) felt faster then that in the rain but I guess the computer doesn't lie
Avg. Speed: 26.4 kph (16.4 mph) more impressive then it sounds considering the conditions & terrain
Power Output: Off the chart, probably in the billions of watts. They just don't make a power meter that can handle the power of Cyclisme
Heart Rate: Somewhere between barely alive and almost dead (we're into exact numbers here)
Fuel: Can't speak for the others, but here's my grocery list - Half a banana, half a Powerbar, half a Clif Bar (finished the other halves after the ride), two bottles of water, and one bottle of Gatorade.
Flat Tires: Zero :-)
Crashes: Zero :-)
Smiles: Many :-)
Frowns: A few of those too, on the way back!
Dry Clothes: Zero
Fun: Yes

Randy Word
WORD Sports
Web Site:
Phone: (503) 869-4970

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Krugers Crossing Race Report, by Greg

The family and I left the sunshine of SE Portland and picked up Fergus at his home in N Portland, now in a slight fog. As we drove to Sauvie Island the mist grew thicker. Kruger's was enveloped in a heavy fog, which looked really cool as the racers would slowly come into focus as they approached.

We parked just about course-side, and set up the chairs, propane heater, hot chocolate, etc. Danny wanted his bike, so we unloaded then set off to register. Fergus and I both hoped for smaller fields than a Cross Crusade, and we were accomodated with a 78 racer Master C field for Fergus and a 31 racer Master B field for me.

Between cheers at Dave and Fergus I warmed up on the trainer. The sun came out in force during the Master C race, and made for a really beautiful Fall day.

I lined up early with pal Mike Rabinowitz of Tireless Velo, and Justin Serna soon joined the front row. I had a good start and was 4th wheel into the left hand turn after the fast flat starting straight.

Justin and Wes Swearingen set a tough tempo, and they got a little gap as I held in 3rd/4th place until the first pass through the Pumpkin Jump. Justin and Wes went to the left through a little gap between pumpkins, I went right and tried to just plow right through them. I hit a really hard one and my front wheel slid to the side and jammed in a mud rut, tossing me off and over the bike. I lost a few positions here.

The course was fairly wide open, which (for better or worse, I'm not sure) allowed me to see Justin and Wes pouring it on at the front. I gave it all I had to close the gaps in front of me, and picked up 3 or 4 spots before dropping my chain on the one little run-up back by the farm house. I got the chain back on and tried to lay down as much power as I could. I picked up another couple of spots to finish 5th, about 30 seconds behind the winner Justin Serna.

I was pleased that I stayed upright on the snotty slick turns, and that my power didn't fade at the end of the race. If I was smarter about the pumpkins I think I had a shot of a podium finish. Who knows though, so many little things can happen in a cyclocross race that affect your end result.

Danny had a spectacular Kiddie Cross race, which was 2 laps around the barns, with some good mud action. Danny gets his game face on and really enjoys these events.

Up next, USGP at PIR on December 6th and 7th. I'm registered to race only on Sunday, in the B field. I'll likely be spectating for the Pro men and women on both days. Anyone else going out for the races? For the race schedule click here.


Cross Crusade OBRA Championship pics-Thanks to Cyclepath and OregonVelo

Frost & Fergus

Mike Mann & Trevor Spahr

Dave Wingard & Danny O'Brien

Jeff Gerwing & Greg O'Brien

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love is...


his bike 

a former pro through 
a puddle. 


A man with Vision.

Greg Obrien lit the fire under the dormant coals of championship Sunday as Cyclisme celebrated at race side on the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. 

His work ethic and follow-through have earned him the respect of all who have raced with him.

Greg emailed everyone, showed up early, set up tents, and got coals hot so Cyclisme could show big at the Cross Crusade Grand Finale "The Oregon State Championsips."

Livin' the Lore!

While sitting by the 



Many racers of Cyclisme Lore
and future, 
popped under our pop-ups.

Mike Mann's pals and neighbors.

Trevor's mom.

Chip Ross of the "River City Montage, by Cyclisme" era.


Danny Felts and his partner Carrie.

Mark Ontiveros and his son Keelin.

The Sauters.

Lilliane Gerwing.

Tony Ohotto.

Just to name a few.

Live at Race Side!

Big tents with heat make castles of comfort.

Racers returned to recover.

Cyclocross is big in Oregon.

In Tents!

A team is like 
a family. 

you approach your team's area, friends 
the parking lot 
kindly say 

But when you get over to your Team tent, they say "hi" and give you food!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Columns on Terwiliger


Congratulations to America.

Congratulations to the World.

Congratulations to Cyclisme.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Barton Park Race Report, by Greg

There were lots of crashes, I personally participated in 3:

One in the woods section after the asphalt parking lot where a guy went down right in front of me and I almost rode up and over him, but not quite.

One where I landed at low speed on Junior racer who was attempting to ride (but didn't quite make it) up the short steep rise onto the dike. I felt really bad after this one. We both made sure each other was OK, then raced on.

One where I lost it on the entry to the woods section (right in front of another rider). This one kind of hurt and I lost places and momentum.

I went from about 12th-15th place from the start drag race (and was close behind Kenji when he crashed), to 9th-10th place in the second lap before I got all sloppy.

I was chasing J Serna when there was an injured Junior on the uphill gravel rise to the starting flat straight. The kid was crying and in pain and scared. Justin didn't hesitate to pull off the race course to go help the kid out, and some other adults came from the side as well. Very helpful, classy and benevolent move by Justin.

I slowed down to make sure the medics were coming, and a couple guys came up behind me and said that there really must be a better way to have the juniors race but also be in a safer environment. I agree. The 3 of us then started hammering again.

At this point my head wasn't fully into the race, and then I came up on the major crash that Fergus was helping with. I finished the final lap by crashing on the woods section and getting a little banged and scraped up. I'm sore today.

Jeff had the Cyclisme move of the day as he sprinted (as in running, carrying his bike)across the line all the way from the run-up, displaying his high school 50 yard dash skills are still there.

I love the venue, and had a great time, but not such a good race. As the results show, Trevor really is going well in the B's. Jeff and I had a good time "cheering" on Fergus and Dave during their race. I also gave some good screaming to ex Cyclismite Darren Pennington. I may have jinxed him though, as he went backwards a little bit after that.


Barton Park Race Report, by Mike

My race report:

I liked it - surprisingly a lot, considering the 2 pre-race laps I was able to get in had me a little spooked. Some pretty technical stuff and some pretty fast stretches.

I had a mid-pack start. For the most part I like the system they have in place. My pre-season goal was to be able to finish consistently in the top half, and Barlow seemed to confirm I had the fitness. But at this point in the season, with no points to my name, I have to modify that. With about 35 guys or so getting call-ups, and the rest of us in the lottery, it just ain't gonna happen, so I'm satisfied with racing the guys I find myself next to - and staying on my bike, which seemed to challenge plenty of folks at Barton. From the pre-ride I figured my best strategy was going to be to ride the mud and corners carefully, and hammer the uphills and flats, and it seemed to work OK. So far I'm 4 for 4 this year on dropping my chain once on the first lap - not sure how it happened, but there was a bottleneck on the left hand into the woods so I was forced to dismount (I rode it the other laps) and when I came out of the woods, my chain was off and a bunch of guys passed me - I think Jeff was one. After that I rode clean, was able to ride the short hill onto the dike and the 2 downhills fine, though there was a "yellow flag" on the diagonal one for the last 2 laps (injury Fergus was talking about) so we were asked to take it slow.

Tactical error: I was riding 40+ lbs and should have been lower - I intended to bleed some off but forgot. I noticed it coming down that corner after the long gravel straight. Ah well. Up on the dike where it was rocks, mud, rocks, mud, repeat I was having difficulty holding a line. Jeff suggested that at the finish it might be advantageous to run it out rather than remount in a close race. I was side by side with a guy on the run-up and thought what the heck. It worked.

I noticed my overall time was about 38 minutes. The leaders around 34. Technically we had time for another lap. I had it in me. I think they ended our race early because they needed to bring paramedics in - I know they were stopping the juniors at the same time they were telling us "one lap."

On my third lap I saw three riders down being attended by others on three different parts of the course. Yikes.

I also had a brief thought of catting down to Master C - until I saw the size of Fergus's field. Holy crap.


Race Report-Barton Park, by Fergus

Here is a pic of Greg doing very well as always in the Master Bs.

I came in 110th in the Master Cs. That would seem terrible, but for two and half excuses.

One: there were almost 160 riders.
Two: I started in the back. I was in second to last place going into the first corner.
half a reason: Some weird mechanical issue. (read on)

I liked the course. I didn't love it. There were few places to pass and some bottlenecks.

I managed to pass some guys here and there, while recovering as best I could during the times I was caught behind someone.

And then I had a weird mechanical where my left brake cable appeared on the wrong side of my head tube. This issue presented itself after I became all tangled up with some dudes who couldn't ride their bikes over the that small section of up and down/through the woods (on the back side). Anyway, the cable was on the wrong side and I couldn't figure it out. It was rubbing. I calculated the coast of a new cable and jumped back on my bike after about 10 people had passed me. (It had taken so long to pass those guys.) There was half a lap left and I limped in.

Then as I was walking back to Greg's van when I some people pointed out that a rider had just crashed. I went over to see what was up and then I ended up helping the medical person and some other people take care of the guy. He had face-planted at the bottom of the small off camber hill before the run-up to the finish line. The cut on his chin was deep. It went through to the inside of his face. It was a ragged and dirty cut. The space between the nose and the upper lip was also busted open. His neck seemed alright, though supposedly the way he fell could have been very injurious.

I helped out by getting a sleeping bag and holding the umbrella and opening some gauze packets. It was fun. When I first saw his mangled face, I turned away. Then I became used to it.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Big Team Meeting


November 1st


Greg O.

Glen GoMe


T. Spahr





Dave Wingard,

Randy Word

5.Team Officers

It was soon apparent to all of us that we were the first team ever in the history of cycling, to address issues like these in a "meeting" setting. It was cutting edge spitfire maverick ACTION in a bold new century.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Master's Crew from Cross Crusade #4

Me, Dave, Mike and Fergus with post-race nutrition on Saturday in Astoria. Good times.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Legend in the Lore

In a club that boasts hosting greats like Stacie Pieters, and Emily Thurston, Nissy Cobb is right on their wheel.

While Cyclisme Racing Programs have certainly seen some great bicycle riding women roll though, probably the best junior women was the b.i.k.e. program's Ms. Anissa "Nissy" Cobb.

A multi-time Junior State Champ in road, crit, track and cross, she has taken up Mt. Bike racing of late. 

Once back in 2004 at Cyclocross Nationals she jumped off the line so fast she nearly dropped the hundred plus women's pack by the first corner and she carried it into the first hill, finishing 10th on the day in the Women's Bs.

An excellent track racer, she still races at Alpenrose and is moving up the Oregon Cat 2/3 Peloton's BAR. 

Meanwhile, she is often seen serving the community. Lately it has been up on Alberta Street at Community Cycling Center.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


to see Dave Wingard



and Marry

but on the Rainer High School cyclocross course
in NW Oregon Sunday,
they climbed and descended.

Fergus Kinnell wrote:
I had a great race.
I was just coming out of having a head cold, so my expectations were low. I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but whatever it was, I will try to have it again.

I passed many people and felt fast. I began to know I was going to lap the field.
Then I climbed out of the van.

I usually feel tired the day after. Not this time. I felt good all day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

IMPORTANT: Cyclisme Team Meeting

Cyclisme Team Meeting

Saturday November 1st at 3:00 PM

Meet at the area in front of Paccini's Restaurant - the Vue it is
called, on SW Montgomery off Park Ave. amidst PSU. There is a Subway and a

"Those who participate, will take some time to steer this bicycle team.

Let's enthusiastically engage agenda development so those who can't
attend, can participate."

On the agenda so far:

Team Dues/financial news
New Team kits
Team name (for simplicity and uniformity at race sign-in)

Chime in on the comments here with other agenda items you may have.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Form

How we reach out to the community is part of the way we race.

Disability Advocacy and Cultural Association is just one way Cyclisme is involved in a community that many other teams overlook.

Please take a look at the flyer attached and perhaps take the time to get involved. Especially note the "Perceptions and Reality" on November 13th because it has free food!