Sunday, March 18, 2012

BB 3 for Victory!

Keegan wins Banana Belt 3 at Hagg Lake.

Rolling big requires a lot of stuff. You have to have radios, (not in the race though) and you have to have a camp fire. You need a baseball glove, and you need jam - lots of jam.

Where some California teams might find themselves lacking,
Word-RCB has it all.

Preparing hours early on
very own side of the lake, we could enjoy privacy while frantically trying to light a fire with wet wood.
Or the intimacy of a quick game of "catch" in the blustery cold before racing 22 miles. Camp Cyclisme as it was named, though no one called it that, was in very few ways, a home away from home. However, it was four miles away from the starting area.

Rolling out as a team to the startline made a nice warm-up, and a last minute entrance to "the scene," which was a lot of fun.

Though the pack was small,
competition was big!
Grant McElroy is a three time National Champ, and the Banana Belt Series Leader after two victories in a row!

His trusty team BBC, is filled with savvy veterans.

Keegan was able to get away in large part because Grant was marking the BB-Series threat, while being marked himself by Kent Ross.

Afterwards, food, and drink, were supped quick by a fire finally, but big winds made baseball brief.

Jam-on Cyclisme, jam on.

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Learning to give something back, the kids of b.i.k.e. created the Olympic Training Center's "Kid's on Bikes" coaching curriculum created by Mark Tyson and Portland's own Phil Claude, in the parking lot of the Portland Police Bureau's North Precinct today .

Passing the torch of skilled bike riding in a safe environment has become the skill of some young impresarios.

Visionary young bicycle racers are giving their time after school to nurture a younger cycling team than themselves.

Working indoors on linoleum floors with slower speeds in a smaller circle, the elder coaches from Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment have built up the handling skills of the Blazer Boys and Girls Club studentbody by teaching a class once a week for the last year.

When they see the Kids of b.i.k.e. show up, they cheer!

Some Boys and Girls Club kids literally LEARNED to ride a bicycle in this class.

Today the sun came out and we knew...

Outside at last! Sun in March is like "first sun in the springtime!"

...wull, 'cause it IS the first sun of springtime!

Today, thanks to a quick and big response from Club Manager, Tim Sicocan, and Police Captain Walsh, Police cruisers were relocated and a huge space in the bustling police parking lot was provided.

Keegan and Noah made the announcement at the Afternoon Assembly.


And if you don't think this class is popular, especially amongst the 2nd to 4th graders, whew, you have not seen the competition that begins in the line!

Some kids experience real trepidation. They want it so bad, that joy of riding a bike, but they just don't know how to ride yet.

But this class teaches them to ride. If you are little, or you are afraid, this class helps you first.

All the coaches are nice and fun. They want to play too. They run along side you, or just walk and hold the kid up who is afraid to fall.

Kids who love it, race, then wait in line just to do it again.

Monday, March 05, 2012

The Class of Cyclisme!

Rolling out on the Market/Mill Street bike paths,
the weather began to break.
Spirits were high, as friends and families worked together to make a long steady climb from the river to the south slope of Mt. Tabor.

At a brisk pace, Bergmann and Dallas led the way out in two columns.

Lori and Tracy felt their son's energy put to good use with a helping hand at key moments.
Feeling the crush of time, Lori and Traci bid everyone farewell, and turned back at 122nd.

Out in the Sweetbriar of the back Gresham farmlands, the pack descended. This was the point where the Rydicks handed out more of Jean's cookies and pulled the plug on the high speed chase.
Meanwhile the dogs were all but let loose. I could hardly get the car out of the way as we moved onto the Stark Street hill.

Sprinting to the Springdale sign, Keegan O'Neill was victorious. When the climb to Corbett ensued Keegan, Kent and Jake pulled away.
Pellman, Lee, Beggs, and Mallon joined up with their trusty mentor, Tim Bergmann for a laughing group in hot pursuit over the high plain.

Coming home, after a raging descent, and a big sprint between Kent and Jake, Jake on his $100 1970's steel Peugot with steel wheels, Kent and Jake pulled the team fast into a light headwind on Marine Drive.

Rydicks rejoined on 33rd despite two flats since we had seen them last. Still in good humor they joined the lead group, riding back on Dekum.