Monday, February 03, 2014

Champoeg Easy

Squadra Cyclisme Unfolding.

revived an old trick
and got some new treats
by riding the old Bannana Belt Course Saturday.

An ideal middle district for our folks from Portland as well as our new teammates, Sharon and Logan Trammell from Scio.
Champoeg Park is the famous site
where Hudson Bay Trappers,
Yoga in French Prairie!
farmers and native Americans met for annual "Gathering."

The Newly Wed Trammells.
Smooth paved roads, as well as a Gorge Roubaix style unpaved road, feature both flat terrain and rolling hills.

In a triangle from Donald to St. Paul and then to Champoeg Park is the historic area named the "French Prairie" by the early trappers who settled there in the the 1800's. French Prairie is the perfect cycling-team training ground
one hundred years later.

Expansive views, clean shoulders, and easy pacelines.
Cycling rural Willamette Valley Saturday was especially exciting, as no cars were on the road on a beautiful sunny 55 degree winter day.
Traveling to the practice added the training benefit of the rigors of just showing up, as most races are at least a half hour away.

Because there were no traffic lights and almost no stop signs on the route, the rolling was consistent for the whole riding time.  That feels very different from rides in the city. Similar though it is to race day in the world of OBRA racing.