Monday, November 11, 2013

Redundant, Redolent, Rad!

Gaining some real stories to tell, Gillian is.

East Moreland Park has produced two fast new sprint stars in John Hilde and Fergus Kinnell.  Both have emerged to take a win each in the last two weeks.
Fergus is getting ready.

Rolling up and out on Pine Street runs the team through Belmont and Hawthorne districts.

Turning back down toward the city on Clinton sends you to Brooklyn and Ladd's.

Social columns out.
A paceline is called through the industrial area by Reed College to set up the sprint for Eastmorland Park.

Climbing up Rex through Flavel Drive takes it all out of you.

Sunday may have been read from a script lately, but Rocky Rabbit looks easier for the whole team now.
Willy just catches back.