Saturday, July 31, 2010

In a Clash of Titans!

We welcome reinforcements!
John Benenate
Catherine Cooper

This Thursday Night
Point's Race
the pack would feature two
Teams with
three guys,

Tonight we had
Brent Casaday
join our ranks.

He helped us go out hot then block it up back. He was a real asset this night as the odds were stacked against Bedford and Jake.

But our infamous hot start evens out the odds as people drop off like flys, making the pack small quick.

Trading attacks
Bedford and Jake tried to put the hurt on Beardsley and Mensher
but Beardsley is incredible.

He covered every move. he held our guys up track so they had to go the long way around and get tired.
He stuck with the higher points guy when we forgot.

Beardsley tired us out.
Finally even his fast teammate Mensher flew up and around for a final points sprint.

We got beat pretty good.

But classy Stephen Beardsley,
always our good coach,
stayed around and explained what had just happened to us.

What a gentle lover!

Live and learn.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Team Revealed!

Borne from the organic development in the Pursuit of Glory Track Class.

Old Lore names are bringing their kids around to learn track racing now.

Seasoned veterans of the OBRA peloton are joining our ranks.

Juniors once small are getting big and fast, and skillful!

Pacelines, starts, exchanges, attacks, the list goes on.

The velodrome is a college of bike racing finishes, and more people are showing up for class.

The Cyclisme version offers childcare with Uncle Dave(Lanner's in-law who also rides his bike) and yoga taught by a few skilled practitioners, including Naiqwan, Catherine and Jake.

Brent Casaday found an able partner for the Bazooka in Naiqwan.

Lanner's leadership allowed Dave to dive into a diversion of divine delirium.

Benevolence, Good Form, Simplicity and Team.

Ryan Belew comes back to Alpenrose!

A veritable force for good, Ryan Belew enjoys teaching Pursuit to children in the sun.

Kind hearted and endlessly patient,
Mr. Belew is passionate about track racing.

Though an endurance event specialist by training, Ryan had an easy time Match Sprinting against Jake Hansen, winning every time.

Ryan taught us all when Pursuiting, to not worry about the pain, but instead worry about our position on the track, i.e. "Uptrack" and "Downtrack." His advice is to stick the black line or BELOW it when you are pursuing glory.

Don't worry about how you feel, but ride the track better. Use the truly shortest line around the track, and save tons!

Ask Will Cortez, a school teacher himself, who blatantly learned the Ryan's lesson fastest and most completely, improving his Pursuit form and tempo 100% by simply paying attention to staying on or below the black line for the WHOLE LAP.

Working for their first time as a Team Pursuit Squad, our young Junior women and captain Catherine Cooper worked together well as Ryan helped them make exchanges more efficient by going straight up the wall and straight back down quickly.

Easily identifying ideal saddle height in his students, he was quick to help them adjust.

Then after riding out examples of all his lessons, he was game for some Cyclisme yoga.

Flying out the next day, we were honored to put him up at the Atomic Ranch and turn him on to our meals made with fresh garden greens.

Children and beginners as well as Elite Stars will miss Ryan Belew here in Oregon, while I am sure everyone back in Colorado Springs will be happy to see him home.

Thanks Mr. Belew!

Mercenaries of Marymoor!

Introduced by a chance "pick-up" race at Alpenrose
these two unlikely soldiers of the "Pursuit" were fast friends and even faster foes to all the big-time racers who set off with them Friday Night at Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond Washington.

Over $15,000 dollars was on the line for the FSA weekend and these two used a Bazooka to grab part of it. Belew did some big attacking in the Points race, and Jake did some big blocking in the Scratch race later.

Here they are warming up on the star studded infield, before their gigantic launch.

Later the announcer called out "Big Ryan Belew is lapping the field, and nobody seems to want to chase!" Jake was dancing all over the track at the front of the pack behind.

Jake got off the front many times in the last event. The crowd went wild as the announcer screamed "Jake Hansen is a rock star!"

Little did they know big Ryan Belew had set him up and was getting half the prize money.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alpenrose Velodrome Cyclisme Development!

Swirling, whirling world of wheels and drive, the Velodrome during AVC (Mike Murray's Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge) offers an education to children of all ages.
Athletes driven by the pursuit of glory, thrill and vex the onlookers with their specific mannerisms and their spectacle of speed.

Cyclisme racers watched and interacted with the scene on the infield, thanks to the vision and focus of Jake Hansen.

Jake, who has been training in the discipline of a 4kilo "Pursuiter" showed up for the "Pursuits" Friday Morning. His effort on the old Scwinn Paramount was jolted by the crack of the back axle of his opposing
Pursuiter who had to be removed from the track. The big man Ryan Belew from the Colorado University left Jake to Pursue no-one which for the beginning Pursuiter, is a bit of a death knell.
Jake finished 4:16, well below his best, but came back that evening to score two points in the Points race putting him in 10th in his first pro Points race.

The following morning saw the fastest 10mile scratch race in Alpenrose Velodrome history. Jamie Carnie and local Zac Kavalcik split the big money, but Jake played a big role in the record setting pace.

With $3 for First on every lap and $2 for every Second place finish, JAKE WON TWENTY SIX BUCKS!

He made quite an impression on everyone who saw. Luciano on the mic called him the "Rookie of AVC!"

Mielle and Shane came out to support their teammate, and on the infield talked with one of Mielle's pals, Camille Hook. Mielle took a moment to pick the brain of the seasoned elite track racer.

Around, and after all this, Jake was acting as the Lead Instructor for the "Pursuit of Glory Track Class."
Starting at 11am Jake issues OBRA bikes, raises saddles, then zips around in a 47-17 gear to teach everyone Pursuiter's tactics.

Thanks to the AVC having just been in town, amazing Guest Coaches made themselves available.

Three time National Champ, David McCook who won many of the Master's Category events at AVC, taught the first hour of Pursuit class stressing SPINNING EASY GEARS LEADS TO SPINNING BIG GEARS! David was running around in a 50x20.

He also taught us to use the whole track, from the rail to the grey wall inches BELOW the Measurement Line, but above the blue Infield line. Big and strong like a Keirin Champ, he taught us how to do starts in sinc with a ten count with gentle rocking and rhythmic breathing like the Chi Gong Master.

Then as if part of a master plan,
just as we bid au revoir to Mr. McCook,
Ryan Belew of Colorado shows up with his bike in a bag on his shoulder.

"Hey man, you are the guy Jake was supposed to race at AVC!" I yelled.
"You want to race 4k now?" I asked.

"Sure," big Belew said with a cool smile. "Just give me a minute to switch a gear."

"You want 20 laps to warm up?" I asked.

"That would be great," he answered with an easy smile, then set about the work of putting his bike together and changing the front chain ring.

Lining up on the same marks they were about to start at four days before, everything was the same, but now Jake was on a Carbon Fibre Teschner "Track Pro" bicycle loaned to him by Jacob Rathe a couple of nights before.

A monstrous fast start by Ryan Belew almost caught Jake in the first 500m, but Jake scramble away as if racing from a Tsunami. Slowly the sewing machine engine of Hansen slowly pulled back the advantage.
Then on the last lap, Belew demonstrated what benefits the brilliant coaching world famous Mark Tyson really yealds.
Again Belew suddenly almost caught Jake, this time with a frenzied suicidal sprint.
Jake's sister Riley yelled, "5.01!" I looked at my watch.

Big Ryan Belew came gliding by on the infield, now a lap later. "4:55," I yelled, "is that right?"
He just clicked his teeth and winked at me, with doppler effect.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can we do...


We will have our chance while mentoring our Junior pals August 21st, 2010 at the Alpenrose Velodrome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cooper Silver!

Catherine Cooper
raced four events at the
Oregon State Track Championships
Alpenrose Velodrome
and won a Silver Medal!

Simply Cyclisme
Coaching yoga, feeding everyone, preparing herself to race,
and racing well, Catherine brought concentration and focus to the Cyclisme infield tent.

Good Form
Racing women
in the Category 4 division with teammates including Mielle Blomberg, Catherine "Hana" Cooper participated in the 500m Individual Time Trial, the Match Sprints, and the 3k Pursuits, winning Silver in the Pursuits.

Her devotion to the big track weekend payed off as the team scored more Championship double-points than some small countries.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer MTB Time, by Greg

Even though the PIR Short Track is in full swing, work and personal scheduling has seen me miss the first 3 races. Yesterday though, DeyShaun, Naiqwan, Fergus and I headed out to Brown's Camp to get some trail time in before today's race, the first ST of the year for both Fergus and me.

It was really great to see how much DeyShaun and Naiqwan have improved on the mountain bikes. They are both becoming very good descenders, and are getting more confident and skilled at riding and carrying speed through technical trail sections. Here are some pictures from the day: