Monday, September 28, 2009

Battle At Barlow v.2009 by Greg

I won't be as long winded this time. The length of my race report will be in proportion to my placing. Since I came in 16th, I'll keep it short.

Naiqwan and Marquell joined in with DeyShaun to race the Juniors field. I don't have photos, but you should all be proud of how these 3 represented b.i.k.e. and Cyclisme. They are courteous, competitive, fun loving, and hungry teens. Naiqwan took 5th in his first cyclocross race ever, DeyShaun came in 6th after another dropped chain incident, and Marquell finished in 8th place.

All 3 of them worked hard, and were thoroughly exhausted when done.

Jeff, Eric and I raced in the Masters B race, which is neat because we're on the course at the same time as the juniors. We all had great line ups, and I got off well and was in 4th for a while, then really faded the last 2 laps. Jeff pulled out with 1 lap to go with breathing trouble in the windy, dusty air. Eric also had a bit of a cold and had a terrible start putting him at the back of the field.

With 2 laps to go Eric passed me asking "how many in front?" I answered that I though about 6 or 8 were ahead of me, and off he went. I tried to stay with him so we could work together but I was gassed. In reality I think more were ahead of me than that, but Eric's strength in getting through most of the field and finishing in 6th was very impressive.

Dave was in the crowded Master's C field, and seemed to pick up the pace each time we would all yell and cheer him on.

2 more smaller races (1 here and another here) before the Cross Crusade starts on Sunday with a hopefully muddy Alpenrose.


Friday, September 25, 2009

It takes a village?


This question has been asked more ardently in these latter days of this Indian Summer
of 2009. Thanks to the migration of the young Memphis man, 
Jay Ferries.

His culinary skills 
have propelled our Team and our vegetable 
garden  into
the social season.

Now stars 
of the 
align with 
stars of 
in the back yard 
of the Atomic Ranch. 

Local business leaders 
Jay Dykeman of "Jay's Garage"
on 7th and SE Morrison and 
Landscape Designer 
Catherine Raschke 
are poppin over for dinner.

Ms. Raschke knows a lot about plants. 
Like Jay Dykeman who sells Bio-Diesel, 
she leads the way in 
appropriate practices for 
Mother Earth 
with her company 

From the safe vantage point of a dinner table business people, community people, 
friends all around became real Tifosi as they enjoyed a vision of cyclocross demonstrated by Cyclisme's Word-RCB
led by Dave Wingard, Naomi Byrd, Stephen Bedford
Jake Hansen, and  
Dey Shaun Lee. 
Guests passionately spied through a chain link fence as Bedford and Jake hooked handlebars. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Land of Speed

Indianapolis, Indiana.


Jake Hansen

My trip to Indianapolis, Indiana was big.

For the first time in my life I motorpaced full speed on the wheel of a motorcycle driven by John's coach Ken Nowakowski (see him and Rahsann Bahati at 3:22 min in here) on the Major Taylor Velodrome.

It's a big wide concrete outdoor velodrome that is much smoother
than Alpenrose.

Although the streets are 6 lanes wide and don't have bike lanes there are some people here who can really ride their bikes.

The Marian College Cycling Team has been the Division 1 National Champions for the last 15 years or so. It should come as no surprise then that the Major Taylor Velodrome (where they practice daily) is a stone's throw across the street from their campus. Nowakowski built them to a Collegiate dynasty over the last ten years.

Almost everyone on the team is as fast as Steven Beardsley, and it is rather intimidating to be hanging out on the infield.

Easily I traveled around this giant flat metropolis on my bike a lot. I made it to Joe's Cycles where I got espresso, and talked about the frames that Joe had just started making.

I rode the length of the Monon Greenway Trail which went due North all the way through Carmel for around 20 miles.

At the Baptist Church, that is home to the North Township, I delivered a letter and b.i.k.e. proposal to two pastors in hopes that someday we can continue our great programming in Indianapolis with a house in close proximity to the velodrome.

I traveled through some of the poorest neighborhoods of Indianapolis where houses are For Sale for a few thousand dollars, no money down. People seem like they are waiting for something cool like b.i.k.e. to come along.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hood River Doublecross, Saturday by Greg

The Travel:

Dave Wingard and I left rainy SE Portland to be greeted an hour later by broken clouds and blue sky in Hood River. We drove up through the city orchards to Hood River Valley High School. Friend and former teammate Darren Pennington was warming up for the Master's C race as we parked and headed over to registration. The food vendors were stoking up an enormous BBQ as I went out for a pre-ride lap before Dave's race started.

The Course:

The course was very similar to prior years, with some sections run in reverse. The start was a flat grass lane for 50 meters or so, then into a wide short sand section, then a hairpin grass 180 degree left turn. Then a right and all the way around the big grass field, and along an off camber berm. The entire grass section was at least 10 feet wide and not as bumpy as past years. After cresting the berm, the course turned to a dirt downhill trail, then up a little rise with a couple swoopy turns before a right turn in loose gravel put you back on the dirt.

Back on to the grass for a slight descent, turn and climb, then bomb down the dirt/gravel into a trail (the high school cross country running trail) and the first foot bridge. This bridge platform was just high enough off of the trail that it could easily cause pinch flats or worse. The fast trail then turned to new fresh loose gravel before a single barrier and a sharp left turn over the second footbridge and into a railroad tie run-up. At the top of the run-up the trail went down, up, swooping narrow turns, before kicking back down into a sketchy turn into the 3rd foot bridge (I think this was the one Dave flew off of last year). After this bridge the trail continued another 20 meters or so before turning uphill with a sharp right turn (ridable, yet a possible major congestion point as some would surely dismount for it). Then an sharp uphill left turn that I planned to dismount and run. Another right, and one more left then the run-up was done and the trail crested into the parking lot.

Now through the coned chicane in the parking lot (wide lane for passing), around the school, through a gate and into the grass where the start/finish was located.

The Race:

After some cheering/heckling for Dave's race, I went and warmed up on the roads around the high school. After coming back and stretching I headed to the start about 20 minutes before race time. There were about 8-10 racers starting to file in, including teammate Eric Lanners. I took a front row position second from the left, while Eric looked to be front row on the right.

I got a good jump at the whistle and an immediate clip-in. I went into the sand 2nd or 3rd wheel, then was sitting in 3rd when we got off of the grass and into the first trail section. One or two passed me, and then I passed them a few laps later. My tire pressure was dialed in perfectly, as I could power out of turns in the loose sand/gravel/dirt that others were sliding in. I used this to gain good position so I could soft pedal/recover on the downhills while on someones wheel. About mid race the RCB guy up front faded and I passed him, while clinging to Karl Mikkelson's wheel. I passed and gave a good pull to try and bridge us up to Jeff Edes, but started to blow up and could not bridge. Karl then came around and put a little gap on me.

I caught back on to Karl, and Jeff was in sight, but the leader was not. Karl then took a bad line on the off camber and I got past him with 3 laps to go. I got up to Jeff when he got in traffic behind lapped riders, but when he saw me, he jumped and put in an effort I could not match.

At the time, I thought I was in 4th, but I later learned I finished 3rd. Eric came in 9th, with another solid race but a locked up back that caused trouble. I'm happy with my race, as I rode clean and had solid fast lines over the entire course. I kept my head in the race and did not make any mental mistakes that often cause technical errors. My bike was dialed-in, and the tires/pressure were spot on for the course.

I was motivated to do well, as there is talk of using Hood River and Barlow top 5's as seeding for call-ups at the first Cross Crusade race. This isn't a sure thing, but it helped me train and focus for a good result.

It sounds like we'll have a much bigger Team presence at Barlow, so I look forward to seeing some of you there. Good practice for the huge fields that the Crusade will no doubt have.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recovered Footage!

Previously Unreleased

Racing was rampant on Knapp Street when kids zoomed from telephone pole to telephone pole after the food was all gone Labor Day Monday at the Atomic Ranch . 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Star is Born.


J. Fritzgerald B.
Photos by WINGMAH

Borne from the world of running,
seasoned by a full season of cycling, including the track,
his feet have hit the ground.

Jake Hansen has been running since he was a child. He ran competitively 
in High School, and in college at Portland State University. 
It would only figure that in Cyclocross, he's a natural.

Entering his first Cyclocross race at Pain on the Peak in the ever fast "Senior B's" he came on late and finished 3rd.  Don't we all wish for an entrance like that.?

Easy money says watch out for this guy in the Crusade.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pain on the Peak recap a dap, by Jake

Cyclocross Dustbowl!

Veterans got out hot!

Temperatures were high and so were the spirits of Cyclisme racers DeyShaun Lee, Eric Lanners, Dave Wingard, Greg O'Brien and Jake Hansen on Bald Peak today.

Being quite
nervous before the start of my first cyclocross race, it was reassuring to see my teammates Greg and Eric get out HOT in the Masters B race. They were in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, on the long starting straight away.

They hammered through the hills and switchbacks of the slippery hay course for a good 45 minutes. Eric ended up in 5th and Greg got 13th.

It gave me confidence seeing them get out like that.

Dave was up in the mix mashing hard in the Masters C race and wound up 33rd in the biggest field of the day. Langston and his wife were there to spray me and DeyShaun with water when we needed it most.

DeyShaun got out hot as well, setting a pace for the first lap that was being matched only by National Track Star Grant McElroy (he is like 12). A bad fall and some mechanical problems (chain breaking) forced DeyShaun to call it quits after 3 laps and got him an 8th place finish. He was really looking good and will have a good CX season if we get some more practice in and get him to stay in his little chainring.

After DeyShaun's race, we switched pedals and I borrowed the donated bike that he had raced on. I wore Greg's old Mt Bike shoes, slid around (literally) this crazy course for 45 minutes and got 3rd place.

Photos courtesy of Dave Wingard

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chef hits Ranch with gourmet extravegance!

Garden Dinner
Chef Jay

Squash risotto, with collard greens and chicken or tofu.
Lemon cucumber and tomato caprese salad in balsamic vinaigrette.
Fresh made potato gnocchi in the most amazing rosemary creme sauce.

All were the creation of the soft spoken twenty three year old transplant from Memphis, Tenessee, Jay Ferries. (looking at the camera in his grey/green baseball cap and t-shirt)

His food was thrilling to the entire party.
Guests included John's mother, JoDeanne, restauranteur Sousan Dalahi, Malachi Byrd, Laura Ellis, Meghan Moore, Naomi Byrd, and all were wowed by the genius of the young chef from the South.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sunday/Monday Rides 9-6 & 9-7

CX Ride, or whatever bike you're comfy with in Forest Park. Meet at 9:00 at Dragonfly, roll out around 9:15. 2-3 hours, re-group points as needed.

Monday how about a morning CX skills session and race sim at the 205 area?