Friday, May 10, 2013

An Evening of Lore!

Nissy and Nelson reunite after 12 years.
Nelson Vails our guest!

A beautiful night in an elegant venue,
 Classic Pianos made the perfect frame for the Bicycles and Ideas presentation of Nelson Vails
Gillian Bergmann of b.i.k.e. opened the show.
to our old river city,

Tim Sicocan of Blazer Boys and Girls Club.
Nissy Cobb was the Master of Ceremonies in an event that not only featured the great Nelson Vails, but luminaries of the Lore of Cyclisme as well.

Hilarious and on message, Jake Hanson!
Aside from herself, Jake Hanson, and Nils Tillstrom also spoke. Jake was recently an Oregon Cup Winner in 2011.
Nils Tillstrom told tales of THE MOJO SQUAD of 14years back.
Nils raced with GB Cyclisme in the late 90's, with b.i.k.e./Hincapie in 2003-2005, and again in 2011.

A glowing testemonial from b.i.k.e.'s biggest partner, Blazer Boys and Girls Club Manager, Tim Sicocan made donors feel generous.

Keegan poses with Pan AM Champs,
Vails and Beckman.
His club has been enjoying b.i.k.e's presentation of after school programming called "Roller's 101" for two years now.
The feeling in the room was warm and fun.

And finally the Cheetah himself, an American Hero, Nelson Vails took the stage.

He made the night truly special.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Best Birthday from b.i.k.e.!

Carmalized Banana Birthday Cake by Paley!
Codi Proctor, Robin Jacobson, and Dillon Teeple worked together to Bring the Cheetah.
Ken Legros, Pete Kirby and Tim Bergmann were essential planners.
Nelson told some famous tales of Gorski and 84.
I haven't seen them all together since we filmed the Oprah Show.
What a nice gesture!
The Cheetah had a good time in Portland.

Monday, May 06, 2013

13 Miles in the Sun

Cheetah challenged?
A narrative not by Nelson Vails 

Everything started out fine. What a beautiful morning!

I took breakfast on the Boulevard in my centrally placed, nicely appointed boutique hotel.

 Well handled by my handlers, I found myself particularly pleased by PDX hospitality.

Mr. Vails gathered everyone together  to apologize for his slow riding,  and  he admitted  he underestimated  the skill level of  Portland riders.
Sauntering through the inner city on a Cervelo, I made my way to  RCB.

Hibiscus tea across from Blazer Boys and Girls Club, Vanport Plaza.
In the parking lot, I noticed the people were polite, and the map mileage dinky.

Autographs and merchandise kept me focused on my navel orange, but rolling out I noticed something was different amongst these Stumptownsters. Maybe it's the micro-brew, but
I mean, everyone knows I have ridden all over the world, but this was the strongest group I had ever ridden with in my life.
Bergmann looks back.

There's was the kind of riding done in great races like Milan San Remo, or even the Tour de France.

Half way through the grueling 13 mile ride I began to realize I was starting to crack.
I tried to ride the wheel but the heat was just too great.

I started to panic as I was gasping for air on the high paced barely alpine climbs.

Climbing is over. Time to go down hill.
Thankfully, some of the Junior High School girls on Mt. Bikes looked back to see I was shelled, and they called to the others to slow down. Finally, I caught back on. Whew!

Velo Vitaly supported b.i.k.e Hincapie in
2004 and brought The Cheetah to Broadway Boulevard in 2013!
PDX cyclists need to go easy on the blood transfusions, or something because even the children are exceptionally strong.
All of the people I met seemed seemed exceptionally well coached.

I look forward to getting back home
and training up
to this inspiring "Stumptown" level
of athleticism.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A weekend with The Cheetah.

The Cheetah enjoys Hibiscus Tea from Horn of Africa, in Vanport Plaza, on MLK Blvd. photo by BRINKMAN

Stories are made from grand days and grand people. Nelson Vails and a happy PDX peloton thrilled the b.i.k.e. kids, as their familiar Cyclisme mentors  radio controlled the show.

"Cute little radio team there, Johnny."  The Cheetah!

Sunny ride with Nelly, and hibiscus tea from Horn of Africa for the beautiful people!

Famous Lore!
Tim Bergmann led people in rollin sun drenched joy, as the Cheetah fell back and talked with every single person, took them under his arm and took a picture with them with his other arm outstretched to his pocket digital camera.
Bruce Bailey on the rickshaw in The Colors!
The Iron Chef, Vito Paley and Garrett Peck, General Manager at IMPERIAL engaged the Cheetah!
Imperial, Hotel Lucia, Vito Paley, Bob Grummel, Dave Guettler helped b.i.k.e. bring the Cheetah to Portland.
RCB means b.i.k.e. brings The Cheetah to PDX!