Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Development


into an 
East breeze, with new folks and 
crazy juniors
has never been easier, thanks to 
some great "bull-dogging " by Men of the Cyclisme Racing Program.

Throwin blocks, pulling through, pushing on backsides up hills made the development happen with a keen nurturing 

Everyone had fun and we got done quick. Alex really drove the front. Jake and Bedford pushed up the back, while Cameron managed the Juniors.

Guests were treated to power bars by Bedford, and yoga by Jake.

They just might come back after that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Photos from BEER's track race


Brujo and other photog folks took some great shots of us doin it, and TV Show guy Dan Kaufman
even made 

Revealed as always is our team unity.
As well as, the power of our big dogs, and the timid, but potent class of our first timers.

One can also see the legacy of our program and it's importance to a peloton leading America.

Having scored well in three divisions, we are lucky to walk away from BEER not seeing double.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flipping for Team-rides

back in my schedule reminded me how much I like to be a Directeur Sportif.

From the breakfast gathering before, to seeing Half Fast in the Hood, to the kid  inserted into the adult paceline, to the flippin yoga!

I love it!!

I love the tempo and the camaraderie. It's a relevant adventure, as opposed to the much bigger and mandatory adrenalin jump of racing.

I felt like we did some good Sunday. 
I sure enjoyed being out in Troutdale, seeing the Sandy, and hearing Ethan Word whoop it up.

It was goooooood!

Thanks, from the President's Corner

This year has been a tremendous success already for the adult and junior Cyclisme racing programs. After you read this post, scroll down as JB has been adding a lot of content lately.

Our program is greatly benefited by some people who work largely behind the scenes, or are simply time crunched and we don't see them at a lot of training rides or races. Fergus Kinnell and Csaba Kormendy in particular have been a huge help with the financial and equipment side of the program this year. They have donated and loaned bikes and equipment, transported bikes and racers, and have worked hard to secure equipment donations from others to both the junior and adult race programs. Next time you see them, say "thanks".

Now, on to the next part of the season. Some will ease into rest and recovery come Fall, while others are ramping up intensity and technical skills training for cyclocross. Sunday Team cyclocross rides will start soon. 2-3 hours on gravel/dirt in Forest Park helps with basic loose ground cornering and riding, with good spots for interval training. Weeknight/evening skills rides at local parks will help with the dismounts, remounts, barriers, and running aspects of the discipline. I'll post a schedule here on the blog and also on the listserv.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cat.5s Reprecedent Baby!

the way 

Well, nobody won the omnium, but there sure were a few firsts.
A first time for the Juniors in a big men's mass start event, a first for Bobby Dixon in a mass start where he won some big points sprints, and Aubery's graduation to Team Star status, finally with a full crew to command were just more building blocks of a dream

Everyone set up the next guy. The Juniors attacked early, while B. Dixon followed the chase, and Aubery E. finished up.

Unfortunately the officials got confused about who was who.

Leadership exists in all sorts of people, but the leadership of these developing new guys - development being the soul of Cyclisme's mission, is golden when simply they develop as brothers in the Cyclisme Lore.  

Few have brought more pride and glory to this club.

"It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That's the only thing that can save this country."  Malcom X

This BEER's for you America!

Savior of the Tired




At the Team Beer Track Race, 
we found ourselves 
short of 
food and water.

Quickly, I prayed for a solution, then suddenly above 
the din and confusion of the crowd, her striped headband appeared on the
horizon like a golden halo. 

Our friend  from Mt. Scott Community Center Pool, Ms. 

"MAY - GANNNN!!!" I yelled to the terror of Bike Central racers pompously posed on their perfect posteriors.

She heard the call for help, turned to rescue, and I sent Jake to guide her down to the infield.

When racers racing were just starting to feel hungry and tired, one made a difference.
Right at that critical moment of realization, she arrived, got it all figured out, and raced to Albertson's to buy hummus, bread, and water.

While I can't expect people to idolize the words and ways of fat cigar smokers, let me recall the words of 
Winston Churchill when he wrote:
"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat"

And isn't that all we ask of any of you?
A little support can make all the difference sometimes.

Cyclisme racers who have been doing the Team work-out remember our friend  from Mt. Scott Community Center Pool. 

Now our whole track team will remember the day 
Meghan Moore
saved the day.

Her head on a swivel from jump street, one could tell this hard-core bike commuter could easily catch THE BUG.

Scored at BEER Race

Drunk with fatigue 

were all the 
Cyclisme racers 
who came out 
one more time 
for the late season 
track Saturday 
put on by 

Hard racing in one of the biggest track turnouts of the season, left us with everything but wins.

Some folks won gloves.
Jake won a brand new SILCA pump.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

OBRA Hillclimb Championships, by Greg

Naiqwan and I headed up to the mountain for our first taste of the OBRA Hillclimb Championship race. Naiqwan, Junior 12-14 superstar was to race at 10:20 am, with my Masters 40-44 start time at 12:12. The race was to be run in standard time trial format, with 1 minute between starts.

John and Jake met us at the lower parking lot to assist in dialing in Naiqwan's bike and warm-ups. Naiqwan took off on the climb, and I continued my warm-up with some helpful threshold/recovery coaching by John. I started the climb a bit too hot and had to dial back a couple of BPM at mile 2 where I started to blow a little bit. I then just set my pace and maintained my HR of 179-181.

To keep my mind off of the agony my legs were feeling I sang happy songs, tried to looked at the pretty sights, and listened to the swish of my tires on pavement. The road (West Leg) road is really cool and I'll bet is very scenic (hard to tell when you're seeing double and gasping for breath). At mile 4 or so, the road turned down for a brief bit, allowing a little big ring action. Then a left hander took me onto the main Timberline Road.

I thought "this is it, big finishing kick up the last climb", then I actually looked up the road and saw the steepest pitch of the day mocking me. I grinded, suffering up this final pitch, crossing the finish in 36'42". I had guessed/hoped that I would finish in under 35'.

Jake rocked the Cat 3's, finishing just over 27' for either 2nd or 3rd place. Naiqwan took 5th in his field. Randy suffered in the 3's to finish back in the field, and I posted I think my first ever DFL.

I learned a lot though, and like John said, "this race will make you better". Climbing, especially at altitude like today (one racer commented that it was like trying to breath through a straw), forces me out of my comfort zone. I know that to be a faster/better racer I need to work on climbing. I may not see the results of today right away, but I now have at least one clear goal for next year, and that is to beat 33' in this race. That in itself will make me better as I have a specific target to work toward while climbing training.

Sorry I have no pictures, hopefully JB will add some. Tough race on a beautiful day. Congrats to Jake for picking up one more state champ medal.


Are we through yet?

Another BIG Weekend.

By Jake Hansen

Another day does not always equal another dollar. But at the OBRA State Champ Criterium in Albany Saturday, it did. 

We showed up with a big goal, get Alex Lightman to the finish before the rest of the Cat 3 chaos.

Bedford was consistently at the front of the pack pushing the tempo, attacking, or blocking it up when his teammates were away.

Randy Word was near the front keeping Cyclisme colors in position.

I struggled to hang on the back for what seemed an eternity.

Eventually, I made my way to the front, and won the $50 prime that paid for our dinner at the Calapooia Brewing Co. 

Hot into the last turn of the 40 minute Crit was our man Stephen Bedford leading out Alex Lightman.  

Alex spun his gears in those perfect circles that we all are envious of, but was barely beaten by our brother in The Lore, now CAPA's Star, Joey Dengel.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Il Professore!

Alex Lightman
is considered by teammates "the Professor" because of his savvy in the pack.

He never has problems moving 
up through the flying peloton.

He can even bamboozel them into thinking they are going up hill. He knows how to make them slow down, and stop chasing teammates who are breaking away, like he did in the Courthouse Crit for Stephen Bedford.

Alex studies Architecture at PSU and is wowing  all his instructors  with his work.
With the kids of b.i.k.e. he takes the time
to discuss
the importance 
of good design.

Always one to implement a plan and to simplify in order to understand the complex, Alex has been instrumental in leading our Team to the next level.

One of the original "Fixies" who trained in the night practices on the "Ghetto Drome" at PSU, he is now one of our top ranked men.

Always selfless and instinctual, he has done more than his share of work for his teammates. His sprint is fast enough to catch our master speed man Chris Deardorf off guard, so don't be surprised if we are leading Alex out for his first State Champ jersey very soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Many don't know this but his first name is Stephen.

He just showed up one day when Alex found him 
on the PSU campus. Next thing you know he was on a real team's ride.

"This is what I wanted, a real team, "said Bedford 
back in the day.

When "Rocky Rabbit" was in full swing, he was the Eveready Rabbit" beating the drum of  "more, more, more!"

Randy Word set the standard and guys like Bedford were quick to follow.

Longer rides with Alex, and Randy gave forboding of the ascent to Cat 3, but certainly it was the Cat 4 Track World that revealed the team work possable between he and Jake.

They lapped four fields in four different races out at the track.

Now a little slimmer and sleaker, the CAt 5 is now a 3, and he has a role on a team. 


Friday, Saturday, Sunday

"The days
a blur when 
you race
three days 
in a row." 

By Jake Hansen

Friday night was the Twilight Crit, Saturday morning the Team events at Alpenrose Velodrome then Sunday in Gresham, for the Gresham Crit.

So, this is what Aubrey Edwards, Cameron Duff, Bobby Dixon, Naiqwan Pelman, Randy Word, Stephen Bedford, Alex Lightman and myself did this weekend. 

Friday night was our first time racing in the North Park Blocks in what felt like a European Kermesse. The pace was hot the entire race and just getting to the front of the pack took a monsterous effort.

Saturday morning was a great opportunity to work together in both the Team Pursuits and the Olympic Sprints. I need to start paying attention to the gearing on the track bikes I rent. After we honorably represented the lore of Cyclisme in the State Champs, Bedford and I jumped into the 1/2/3 Points Race. 

I was amazed that even Pro's wanted me to pull through and chase Bedford. I loved going up track to their consternation. They would scream at me, "Come on MAN!" I just looked into their eyes and smiled. 

Sunday I had to paint walls at the Northwest Children's Theater, but Word, et. al., handled our Cyclisme business. With Bedford off the front early and Alex & Randy blocking it up. WOW. In the end Alex led Randy out for essentially the win but Trevor Spahr got a tires length ahead of him at the line. Thats still a win in my book! 

The teamwork is what we are truly proud of. Alex Lightman is the glue with his genius in pushing people around. Alex can get the pack to do anything, it seems to me. When you are off the front, there is no one better. 

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Core and Salutations!

Weekly workouts at The Ranch

have been making folks fast.

Working harder puts people past the peloton periodically.

Join us on the patio.

call 503-484-7838
for departure times.