Monday, May 25, 2015

Cyclisme Style

Four generations, one Team!

Team Style! Tony 42, Brad 34, Jaden 16, Cliff 57
At the 2015 EDDY (division) Championship in Eugene, our Team Time Trial team was made up of four generations .

Something always sets Cyclisme apart. Often, not speed.

It's the style.

Para-Olympic - Style!
Since the early nineties, Cyclisme represented benevolence, good form, simplicity and team, and it always developed it's own style.

Aero - STYLE!
LORE Style! Nils, Trevor and Kent.

When in doubt, always returning to these simple fundamentals, Cyclisme keeps finding ways to create a feeling of victory.

The victory was sometime heralded on the podium, and sometimes only in the heart.

This year, the "Saturday Practice" boys are leading three age divisions of the  Oregon ITT Cup. Their support of each other is their strength.

Simple STYLE! Cliff and Joshua.
Notably,  this month, the OBRA web page used a photo of an Elite Cat 1/2 field racing at the Velodrome. In the picture three historically famous stars of the Cyclisme Racing Program were featured. Nils Tilstrom in 2nd, Trevor Sparr in 5th, and Kent Ross in 8th.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Early Season Podiums

Alex gets Silver in the Juniors Omnium
Bergmann protected Jaden in the 4/5s at every turn.
Alpenrose Velodrome is a lively venue often featuring National Champion Zak Kavolchik, and Saturday's Track Daze Omnium was no exception.
Alex raced against Cat 3, Peter Newlands.

Alex White, 
Pete and Tim look on the Junior race as Beardsley crosses.
Jaden Salama,
Confidence and reflection on a big day.
as well as "the old man of the road,"
Tim Bergmann raced in two categories of the three race Omniums.

Alex finished 2nd in the Juniors while Jaden sprinted his way into 3rd in the 4/5s. Also in the 4/5's Bergmann managed a nice scoring 6th while working for Jaden.