Monday, November 09, 2015

Hard Waters

Rain, sleet, snow and slick leaves color the streets of November.
Jason Skelton leads out Water's to Eastmoreland.

Category 4 Oregon Bicycle Racing season points winner for velodrome racing, Ben Waters, is doing his winter training, and everyone on his team wants a piece of him. From city limits signs to crests of big climbs, Ben is finding plenty of competitive exuberance amongst his Cyclisme mates.

Cresting Paris-Roubaix

Younger riders attack the start with fraudulent bids for victory, while elder statesmen stay like they are earning food for their family's table.
Fergus and Tony mind Ben.

Merely the "off-season" for some, Cyclisme packs are attacking like there is no tomorrow.

Poor Ben has to be vigilant as attacks come from all sides.

Fergus Kinnel and Tony Escobar are two 40-plussers who are taking it to their 27 year old pal. Honing his skill with hard knocks and big sprints, they are winning practices so Ben is ready to win RACES!