Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ready to get ready!

True early winter Saturday spirit in the tradition of Cyclisme.
Many bikes, and lots of clothes to choose from. Edward was excited.
Getting dressed for the first time cold.
Blazer Boys and Girls Club Manager, Tim Sicocan.
Women of Cyclisme who led the way this Saturday
built a foundation of Word-RCB hospitality, as they presented two safe columns,
a way of "biking about town"
with our Blazer Boy's and Girls Club compotatos!

Pushing and sprinting for the uphill Eastmorland Park sign.

Blazer Club Stars Olivia and Edward Cooper  rode on the road with the Team for the first time not on the back of a tandem, and they were in contention for every game. Thanks Team. It was fun.
They brought with them, Tim Sicocan, Club Manager at Blazer Club, who rode well to keep up in such good spirits. 
Yoga at Reed College is a 15year old Cyclisme tradition made famous by Ian Powell's father, Jerry.

The Outlet store is big and open. It has two luxurious WHEELCHAIR ACCESSABLE Bathrooms!
Robin gets ready for her turn to push.
Joanna Helm and Cindy Campbell arrived early at the River City Outlet store with bicycles and bags of clothing, so Edward and Olivia Cooper could get their bicyclin on.
The Coop's loyal mentor Tim Sicocan chased them into the fray on a handbuilt Igleheart cyclocross frame.
Starting out with process goals of  high legspeed, and riding in two columns, la Squadra Cyclisme worked toward a skill building and strengthening team ice-breaker ride to Reed College.

Hotdogs! (about time, too!)  Ian Powel was starving.
An early Holiday Season beginning, the new racing season is not quite here, so relaxing riding at an easy pace was perfect for folks to say hello in the cold air.

Most had to shift down, way down to endure it. Pushing kids made it hard. But everyone's heart rate and legspeeds were up in the hundreds. Some more hundreds than others.

Everyone improved skills safely. good team building happened fast throughout the ride. It was impressive, natural.

Olivia and Kayleen. Two soldiers of the road.

Very cool.

Saturday afternoon from the waterfront to Reed College and back.

Fast Friends.
Just cold enough to beg movement, the process of being a team

on the road felt like an adventure.

It was fun.
The bikes were fast.
 Impressed! You got me every Saturday.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cross-Word Challenge!

Making crochet hats and a Canby kart racing track 

A Cyclocross Success!

Hannah Hart of GS Astuto's Happy-Go cycling team runs race registration while another lucky somebody awaits a new crochet hat.

Competitive packs required no call-ups, building strength in Oregon's HUGE Cyclocross peloton.
 All the way up from SF, Mike's Bikes guys fueled up on Voodoo Donuts while racing two days in Stumptown!

Two dates in 2012,
a wild muddy course, and over 500 racers made the second year of Randy Word's CX Challenge, one of  astronomical growth.

The day before the leviathan Cross Crusade, many racers used the event to score in the BAR or just find their legs.

Race Promoter and Team Sponsor, Randy Word worked closely with OBRA officials, and course sponsor, "Pat's Acres" in Canby.
Hapi-Go's Denzel Lall
Featured as part of the HS Junior Cyclocross series the first week, then featuring additional prizes for the Juniors from David Guettler's River City Bicycle shop the second week, Randy Word promoted the event with the help of the folks at Pat's Acres in Canby, and of course, the OBRA Officials. Providing arrangements for raceside first aid, breakfast burritos and muscle milk girls, Randy was a big man on campus and seen as a legitimate new cyclocross race promoter in the fiscal tapestry flowing  off the hemline that skirts Cross Crusade.

A victorious fella with nutella.
Led by Chad Butler, and featuring the fabulous flying Hart Family, Fifth Place TEAM BAR phenom GS Astuto/Hapi-Go was a cultural presence and a force of nature as they volunteered, raced and won, and even provided amazing hats to all the people with cold heads.

Hapi - Go kids presented me a hand made Word-RCB "Coach John" ultra warm fleece lined  hat that I will cherish.

Even the fashion savvy guys from San Francisco asked,
 "where do we get the hats?"