Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Prepared for Glory

Joshua after.
Joshua starting Piece of Cake Saturday.
Pursuit grupetto.

Oregon bicycle racing road race

Piece of Cake 

was in Hubbard near Canby this year.

This Willamette Valley version is an Oregon Spring Classic.

this April race is flat and short, a technically easy course. Just right for the start of the season, this race has great Lore at Cyclisme Racing Programs (see here)
Sandwiches from the hood.

For the Juniors, who only did one 13 mile lap, it was mostly true to tradition.
But, some scary fast descending right at the beginning, shaped the group dynamics along  the long windy, subtle grade of the rural ascent back to the finish complex in Hubbard.
Two groups organized after a split along age divisions on the early descent.

On the descent, Joshua fell back to the second group and organized a paceline. At the finish line Joshua sprinted the gruppetto for a close second. Sixth place over all. A score in the OBRA JUNIOR BAR.
Rural yoga.

Because of some strong moves, and apparent character, Joshua earned a lot of respect out on the road. He made fast friends in the parking lot too.

Fatigue was not a big deal after for the 12 (almost 13) year old after the 13 mile event. He even road a couple of miles after the race to cool down, and find a nice dry spot to do yoga.