Thursday, April 30, 2015

Put your money where your mouth is!

They Set out to do, what they set out to do, and THEY DID IT! Brad took the Monday Night April Series Gold, and Jaden took the Silver while leading Brad out.
BRAD AND JADEN finish after the CYCLISME Lead Out!
Rehearsing lead-outs with stalwart Captains of Cyclisme in the winter months of Rocky Rabbit and after dark at Swan Island, the new bloods of Cyclisme went out and applied their lessons to the real Show.
Cyclisme controls the front while Jaden marks the wheel that would win.

Knowing that OBRA points are only collected after a Monthly Series is finished, these green horns selected the only really short month, two events,i.e. April. Two events to try running some old school bike racing strategies for some long speed.
April Novice                          
1    5333    Davidson    Brad    Word-RCB by Cyclisme    15    18    33
2    5561    Salama    Jaden    Word-RCB by Cyclisme    18    10    28
3    5233    Cooney    Joseph    Multnomah Athletic Club    25        25
4    5078    Samelson    Michael            25    25
5    5640                    15    15
7    98    Barrett    David        12        12
8    5644    Petermeier    David    Team Planet X USA        12    12
9    5646    Pfaendler    Joshua        10        10
10    97    Tran    Tri        8        8
11    5805    Rayburn    Kevin            8    8
12    5801    Carpenter    Joe    Team 10 Barrel    6        6
13    4182    Escobar    Tony    Word-RCB by Cyclisme        6    6

Cliff Theisen is not listed because he sacrificed himself first in the Lead Out every time! As did Tony. Points are only applied if a top 15 is scored. After taking over for Cliff, before Jaden, Tony and Cliff were waxed. Tony finished 7th and a 16th which is scored as a 6 and a 0.
Truth and bravery.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Go And Spend Yourself Acheiving Fruitless Pursuits, And Worthless Gain.

You can tell someone to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is as a rude derogatorygesture indicating that their speech is Nonsense or you can Invite and Inspire healthy competition for someone to proove and/or Instill their self-worth.

It stems from the idea that most people are Hypocrites.

Hypocrites are self-conceited people that have self-inflated views of themselves. They brag and boast about their Ideals but have 'No Idea on how to AchieveResults. They talk about things and say things that are contraditory to reality, and things that may contravene The Laws Of HumanityScienceMaths And Religion

Monday, April 20, 2015

Thrilling team spirit!

Tony E, Cliff T, Brad D, and Jaden S.
Lead-outs make the race.

Jaden and Brad all but won off of Cliff and Tony's pack obliterating Lead-Out.

The Monday Night Cat 5 Novice race featured a big field.
Always strong.
Always near the front.
Finishing 2nd and 3rd, and all but catching a solo break that was 15 seconds off the front at the beginning of the last straight, our team was brilliant!

Cyclisme saved their energy in the pack. Equally, they were ready to jump out of their skin. Each of them, even a flu-sick Tony Escobar, had no trouble at all staying with the group.
At the head of a big field, J. Salama blew by the winner after the line.

Finish at the line.

When the sprint came, Jaden carried Brad up the last straight to the finish so fast, it looked like the lone break away artist off the front was going backwards.

Jaden's mom was tickled pink by her boy's success.

To his credit, at the line he was still in first. That's a 1.9 mile+ solo break.

Hat's off to that guy.

The Raven Flies

Tim, Del and Fergus are fast.
My second Time Trial 
Alex and Willy are friends.
by Joshua Morris
was my first time trial with a big hill in it.
It was called the Raven Flies Time Trial.  It was in McMinnville, Oregon.

McMinnville is supposed to be close to Portland
but Mr. Benenate got lossed, 
and stopped at a lot of 
Yoga is good for you.
coffee drive-throughs, 
Fergus and Jaden are very athletic.
and made it seem like a long way.

 Professor Bergmann forgets what he is saying sometimes.

We sat in the sun and ate sna
we did arrive, and all my friends on the team were there.

Mr. White helped me get my bike out, and I started to ride around.

I started the race, and rode as fast as I could,  but when I came to the hills, I shifted into my easiest gear.
Maya is supportive.

It was way out in farm country. I was glad when the other kids on my team came by.
I am Joshua Morris.