Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chad "The Pontif" Butler!

Chad Butler inspects two of his Hapi - Go guys!

Chad is proud of his new star, Logan Trammell!

On Sunday GS ASTUTO's Directeur Sportif
Joel McCarthy gives Bergmann a nudge.
made the green scene mean
with likable logic, and lovable learnins - literally!

You laugh! But HAPI-GO! is the snap in the pack
Denzel Lall gets this Skyline paceline rolling in front of Tim B. and Logan T.
and they are bringing back
Chad Butler helped Denzel Lall fix a flat by the Rock Creek.
more speed to the road and track.

While the men of Cyclisme happily hosted the route, and the paceline, Hapi Go had the heat and the knowledge.

Friends of the road planned the way home on Skyline.
Racing is cool, but how many dates are we talking about?
Chad Butler, Tim Bergmann, and I were messengers in Portland in the late 80's. Down town Chad was a mellow prince on a red Erickson Road bike. Chad had spent some time already as a junior, racing in Europe.

Soon he was a steward of the land in Scio.

Now Chad runs his own team. This weekend he popped into P-Town to give
his Hapi-Go guys Denzell Lall and Logan Tramell a little leadership and love.

Watch you talkin' about?
Need came to fruition in the green treed forests of the lower Rock Creek Valley.

Helooo, I am interested in yoouu!

Butler helped Denzel fix a flat at the back while Logan Trammal was a course en tete'.
"Sit in 8th, watch the moves. Infiltrate, don't instigate," says the Sage.
Chad was on top of the whole thing.

Later that night THE PONTIF's teammates would step on stage at the OBRA BAR Awards Dinner to accept award after award,
including his own for
The Eddy Division of Individual Time Trialling.