Friday, December 09, 2016

Man of Steel

Stalwart participant
From before the turn of the century,
Always a team player, Fergus is ready to pull through.
Fergus Kinnell rode and raced with Cyclisme racing programs.

His Cyclisme debut was made in the hallowed halls of Matt Dishman Community Center where he participated in "Rollers 101." (the very same evening, a young man named Dey Shaun Lee also began with Cyclisme)
A real racer.

Naiqwan and Fergus.
In those days, he threw his right knee out and didn't bend his elbows, but years of practice transformed him into an elegant cyclist.
Racing, but mostly training Fergus maintains a healthy lifestyle and real speed on the bike.

Naiqwan pounds steel.
Mr, Kinnell serves the team on the bike, but he also enriches the lives of others off the bike as well.
Fergus is  metal worker who specializes in steel, stainless steel and bronze. Kinnell Steel has fashioned light fixtures, gates, railings and more in some of Portland's most fashionable addresses.
Where men work metal.
Fergus uses his shop to teach inner city youth about work in the trades.

Some hillarious young minds have become quite serious around the heat of the forge or the welding torche at Kinnell Steel.