Monday, June 22, 2015

Race the 3/4's

Jaden holds of the pack!
"What event should I race? Jaden's voice blared out on the speaker phone. "Should I race the Juniors, the 3/4's, or both?"

Brad heard from outside the car window and yelled:
"Race the 3/4's!"
 "Thanks a lot Brad," the post pubescent voice rang back."

Race the 3/4s Jaden! says Brad.
"Does our our strategy change, now that I'm a 4?" Jaden asked meekly.
"Stop it," I ordered. "Everything is the same."

Launching a bazooka and holding it for long enough to lap the field, or at least make a selection is a tall challenge.

Lsst lap. He has been away 11.
But last Thursday Night, after having been "Catted Up" by Candi Murray from the 5s into the Track Cat 4s, Jaden Salama attacked at the whistle and held off the pack for an entire 12 lap Temp (point a lap) Race.
Iron Man is in hot Pursuit!

When the race was over, Jaden came off quick in total exhaustion.
I ran over to him and exclaimed, "did you ever imagine you could do something like that?"
"I get it," he coughed out.
Field is shattered
No one has a wheel.